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Compared to Hong Kong, Macao, like a stable and herbal tea, both physically and mentally for life and gradually calm down. It is more than Hong Kong, “a small place,” the title, but is also more concentrated combination of Chinese and Western style. Architecture, food, endemic, human, everything, we prefer to regard them as works of art to look at those thick outer wall, with several hundred years of precipitation and different kind of exotic, documented in that part of thought-provoking history.

As the Macau street scene was also a small motorcycle, compact with a roar and crossed the street, if you seen the movie “Isabella”, you might feel more certain.

Recommended itinerary If you do not wish to merely feel Macao superficial, but deep to experience the traditional style of Macau, Inner Harbour is the best option, which is very strong atmosphere of Macau history area. However, if you are a first visit to Macau, a number of cases of license must have to go to attractions, such as Ruins of St. Paul, Senado, Matsu, etc., and then, or, to a museum visit, or food trip, have is a good choice.

The inner harbor line: Recall the golden age of glory 1:00
For object: to in-depth experience of visitors to Macau Life
Inner Harbor that tou seaside Street, the river section of New Street and the new Ma Luxi River adjacent to the inner harbor area, Israeli and Palestinian prime hit the streets of the 16 Pu Er-old pier as the center, about 1 km radius of the radiation area. Macau is a long history in Hong Kong, fisheries, shipping, freight and entertainment restaurants in the sixties and seventies of last century prospered. But since the decade, a number of characteristics of the industry here have declined, the inner harbor light Jian Dan.

First stop 16 Wharf 16 Prasob Pier is located in Seoul Streets, is the largest within the Hong Kong terminal, built in 1948, there was a very popular place, busy, operational around the clock. Now all the downtown no longer, since the “Pier 16” sign is still firmly set and, therefore, become the core of today’s re-construction.

Old clock tower is the center of pump 16, 400 years ago the Portuguese people is to debut in Macau here. End of the year, where a 50 thousand square meters will show a large entertainment city, and a blend of Chinese and Western architectural features of the five-star luxury hotel, while the coast will be the construction of European style promenade. Now under construction in this area, to the original 16 as the core building Pier, Pier graceful lines will be left unchanged, while the park’s other buildings Zeyi the mid-twentieth century to the theme of Macau building, including Levy, construction of a past trip Macao Hotel, the public and visitors can review the past history and culture. The hotel’s name also interesting, called “pump 16” — according to the dictionary, “Pu” interpreted to mean “waters or rivers into the sea,” and to describe the inner harbor, is very appropriate, “Pu” word is the name of Park Portuguese “Ponte16” in the “Ponte” transliteration, also symbolizes Jiaoren more to Inner Harbor, “Pu” one “pump” more than word release, Chinese and Western, a symbol of Macau “thing essence” of culture.

Second stop Cultural Center Cultural Center is located in the new road, formerly a large old pawn shop Tak Seng. Here a total of three, many of the old elements still remain in the building such as folding doors, skylights and other bosses inspection hall. Cultural Center is equipped with antique and art gallery fine square, and a Jin Yong Library.

A separated, this door in the world, like the other time and space, inside, and on into history.

The third station Fulong New Street In Hong Kong is very small, from Pier 16, to the Cultural Center, to Fulong New Street, all but a few blocks away.

Fulong New Street has so far preserved the most complete Chinese brothel buildings, was once the most prosperous commercial center of Macau, one romantic, growing. Now, here is the traditional Macau business tourism, together with a large number of old and famous restaurants and food establishments and souvenir shops. Just 10 meters distance, paths cross, covered with the sale of pigs meat, Phoenix volume store, and many aunts stood in the doorway, one hand, a pair of scissors, a hand-held meat, handing me without any explanation: “Try it.” took a few turns just try to eat are full.

Cheung Kee shrimp noodles with milk is the crossroads on health two shops, diners often save save. Xiang Ji’s shrimp Laomian, taste beautifully to the meal at the door of a long row of people who are always long; health milk is the Macau features desserts — milk and boil egg stew, rich taste, even the shop are distributed with thick milky.

Fulong New Street, the street near the fifth day of October, Hong Kong-style restaurant has a large dragon and phoenix 56 10 years, is now one of Macao’s few old-fashioned restaurants. Daily 15:00 to 7:00, on the first floor of a small stage will be staged opera tune, much like the West related Cantonese restaurant, and more are fans, listening to the song, the cup 2. Produced nostalgic cuisine restaurant with signs, is famous King duck, duck stuffed by the egg yolk, lotus seed, mung bean, lily, and a dozen savory fillings made of ingredients, eating even a surprise.

Other Recommended Macau Theme: For objects: the first time visitors to Macau.
Macao Museum Tour: The Macau is a living like the big museums, history and traditional Chinese and Western clever combination of infiltration here every street, alley, and the square.

Line arrangements: Post Office Museum, wine museum Maritime Museum Taipa Houses-Museum Macau Macau Museum of Art Museum

Tips: Visit the Museum of Macau can use the “Museum Pass”, costs 25 yuan MOP; 18 years of age and 60 visitors over the age of 12 yuan price, the card is valid for 5 days, you can visit the series of major museum in Macau once.

Architectural Tour of the style: This line covers almost all of the Portuguese Macao architectural style, help to understand the exotic side of Macau. Line to the heart of Macau, Senado Square and the main business district as the starting point, in order to European and Arab-style building is a mixture of wonderful end of the world heritage city covering the major landmarks, can fully appreciate the unique exotic Macau.

Line arrangements: the Home Department, Mercy Hall Building Building Old City Walls Mount Fortress Casa Ho Tung Library Building, Taipa domestic Museum BOLA TANGKAS