Madurai, Athens of the East

Lying on the banks of River Vaigai, Madurai is the oldest city in the state of Tamil Nadu. Popularly recognized as Athens of the East, the city holds main historical and cultural value. Madurai is also an critical centre for learning for centuries. This vivacious city is renowned for its majestic temples and invites devotees from all parts of the world.

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva appeared in the dream of Kulasekhara Pandya, the ruler. The king was astonished to see drops of nectar (Madhu) falling on earth from Lord Shiva’s knotted hair. The nectar or madhu was extremely sweet in taste and for that reason the location exactly where it fell came to be identified as Madhurapuri and with the course of time was named “Madurai.” There also exists the evidences of which records its existence from the 4th century B.C. The city is also often referred as the Glory of the Pandayas.

Madurai is the accurate preserver of the Dravidian and Tamil culture and is also popular for sheltering a single of the 5 conventional dance halls where Lord Siva, in his kind as the Velli Ambalam is situated. The city is an important centre for understanding, mills and dyeing industry and numerous other industries. A single can locate outstanding artifacts like brassware, bronze things, handicrafts and wooden toys sprawling all more than the city. The Chungadi cotton sarees are the speciality of the city.

The easy accessibility to Madurai owes to the efficient railways and airways. The online flight booking and train ticket booking assists individuals tremendously. Different airlines and other travel internet sites offer practical flight ticket booking. Madurai is crowded practically in all seasons of the year for that reason it is recommended to book the train and flight tickets in advance.

The Sri Meenakshi-Sundareswarar Temple is an essential landmark of Madurai. This temple has been able to draw devotees and pilgrims from all components of the world. The temple is believed to have exited 2000 years ago and was later expanded for the duration of the reign of Thirumalai Nayak. Dedicated to Lord Shiva as an incarnation of Sundareshwar and his wife Meenakshi, this temple is adorned with striking characteristics. Ayiramkaal mandapam or the Hall of a thousand pillars is amongst one of the most prominent features of this majestic temple. Your trip to Madurai will be incomplete with no patying himage to Meenakshi Temple.

One more substantial structure located in Madurai isThirumalai Nayak Mahal. This palace is situated 1.5kms from the Meenakshi and is an impressive piece of marvel. The daunting edifice is well-known for the stuccowork on its domes and arches. The architecture style and the use of material is what make this palace specific. The Celestial Pavilion is created entirely of brick and mortar with no the help of a single girder. This Indo Saracenic architectural style has several striking features like huge white pillars lined in the corridor along the courtyard. The Entrance Gate, the Primary Hall and the Dance Hall are worth seeing.

A celebrated Vishnu temple committed to Lord Alagar is situated at Alagarkoil close to Madurai. The temple is situated on a hill and delivers a panoramic view of the surroundings. The temple consists of gorgeous carvings which stuns the on-looker. An additional essential temple in Madurai is Koodal Azhagar . It is broadly acclaimed Vaishnavite temple is recognized for its wonderful architectural and sculptural magnificence. The Lord Vishnu can be observed here sitting posture or asana, standing posture or sthanaka and reclining posture or sayana.

Madurai is properly-connected with all components of the country by air and rail. The Madurai Airport is 6 miles from the city and currently there are six airlines that operate out from Madurai. There are 91 domestic flights and 21 international flights every single week that fly out from Madurai. Devotees’ flock Madurai in all seasons, as a result advance flight ticket booking is suggested. The flight booking can also be completed on the internet as most of the airlines give this facility.
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