Magnetic Business Signs: Going Beyond the Car Door

Most people are familiar with magnetic business signs because they commonly see them on car doors. They’re a cheaper alternative to having your whole car custom painted with your company logo and photograph, and some would say a more tactful way of promoting your business to a potential client base. But there are more ways to use magnetic signs than to just stick them on your car door. And since some people are worried about visibility of car magnets, taking different avenues when magnetically advertising is a great way to increase visibility without having to stick six magnets on your car.

Work with Other Businesses

One way to use magnets is to use them in partnership with other businesses. If you are an independent distributor of certain products, find out if a complementary business would be willing to place small magnetic business signs on their counter for customers to take. Maybe you sell hair supplies and accessories. Find out if a local gymnastics or dance studio would be willing to set your magnets out for the girls who take gym and dance. This way you aren’t directly competing with the business, but you are offering a product that many dancers and gymnasts use – hair bands and barrettes.

You can even advertise through a completely unrelated business. See if a locally-owned pizza parlor would be willing to include a magnet on their delivery boxes. The larger chains do their own advertising, but a smaller place may be willing to negotiate something in exchange for free advertising from you.

Attend Local Business Shows

Often there will be business shows for entrepreneurs in the local area to attend for marketing purposes. Give everyone who enquires about your business a small magnet. People are more likely to keep marketing materials if they don’t get in the way or cause clutter. Since many freebies are given at business events, a person will get home, see the magnet, and slap it on the fridge or some other place, but most of the brochures and business cards will probably get tossed out in order to avoid clutter.

Consider Direct Mail

If you have the budget, consider a direct mail campaign, targeting only those clients you know have expressed an interest in your business or one similar in the past. This way you don’t waste money mailing to people who will never take advantage of your service or product. Include a small business sign in the mailer that has your business name and contact information on it. If you just send a brochure or flyer, chances are it will get tossed in the trash. If you send a flyer accompanied by a magnet, you have a better chance of attracting clients.

There are a number of ways to market your company with a sign. However, it’s using effective marketing techniques that make the business signs a good advertising tool