Mahindra Rodeo Ergonomically Designed Scooter For Men

Earlier Mahindra & Mahindra was known for huge vehicles only. Now it has entered into the two-wheelers market recently through two power scooters Mahindra Rodeo and Mahindra Duro. These scooters will compete with Honda Aviator, New Honda Activa, TVS Scooty Streak and Suzuki Access. In this article, we are talking about the features of Mahindra Rodeo which is designed to suit the expectations of the young urban males. It is the combination of high performance, great style and versatile features.

The Rodeo is packed with energetic 125cc engine that delivers 8.0 bhp of power. This engine makes it the most powerful scooter in this class. Even in heavy traffic, this vehicle ensures excellent pick-up and smooth acceleration. All these features result in low maintenance costs.

This scooter is all comfort and smooth ride due to the telescopic suspension. It can run smoothly even on the toughest of the roads and allow effective braking for safe ride. This scooter looks stylish and trendy due to its color, shape, contour and an attractive color changing digital console that is designed with features like in a car. These features include clock, trip meter, tachometer, speedometer and odometer. Rider can have a look at the important data at mere a glance at this digital console. Its stylish look is further enhanced by horn-rimmed headlights that are given for better visibility.

One of the latest bikes, the Mahindra Rodeo has a USB port-cum-mobile charger that keeps you connected even while you are on move. This scooter has very strong and flexible parts such as a mirror that is adjustable and non-breakable. In case of an impact, it moves inwards and there is no breakage. Furthermore, this scooter comes with a unique kind of side and buzzer that reminds the rider if side stand is still open. It saves the rider from any unbalancing position or scooter from any damage.

To refill the petrol tank, there is no need for the rider to alight the scooter as there is a petrol tank inlet in front. This scooter can be great use if you are on a shopping spree for household stuff as it has a very large illuminated storage space. You can even keep perishable item in this storage as petrol tank is not inside it.

This scooter provides great journey to both driver and the pillion rider. There is 4-in-1 key system that starts the engine, operates handle lock, fuel lock and a magnetic shutter.

If you are interested in buying this scooter, you can have research about Mahindra Rodeo Price online.