Main Reason For the Occurrence of Red Light Errors and the Best Solution to Fix the Problem

There are several video game consoles that are available in the market and one such console is the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 is a product from Microsoft Corporation which was introduced in the year 2005 in the market. The first console designed by the Microsoft is the normal Xbox and the 360 version is the latest and the advance version of it. Microsoft has entered into the field of making hardwares and that too on its own. Thus it started making hardware console especially for games that could support all sorts of multimedia games.


The latest version, which is the Xbox 360 has been reported with hardware failures. The owners from around world have started to complain about the problem and all the complaints were very similar and that was nothing but the overheating problem. Users say that the console gets overheated when they play in it for a longer time. Microsoft was very much confused as the problem is not with particular batch of consoles manufactured or not belonging to a particular region but it was with the entire set of consoles produced. So they concluded the problem might be only with console design and no other things can create such a big problem.


When the repaired consoles were analyzed for figuring out the reason for the occurrence of overheating, it was found that the cooling system of the console has failed. The console is provided with internal cooler fan to cool the hot air that is developed inside and to cool air to the processors. The heat sinks are those that provide this cool air to the processors by making the hot air to pass through them and cooled by means of the intercoolers. Because of poor ventilation, the air from the external surrounding has been minimized and its level of entry into the console is not up to the expected level and thus it was unable to cool the console. This is the main reason for the red light error where one can see red lights glowing in the power ring along with an error message E74 on the screen.


The three red lights will make the system totally dead and hence it is also called as the “Red Ring of Death” or RRoD. One the solution to this problem is that we need to provide additional cooling to the system to bring down the excess heat produced. To bring the temperature many suggested different method. But, the simplest method will be the removal of the X clamps from the motherboard. This will provide cooling by allowing air to flow from downward direction from the bottom of the console. This method is more economical and does not involve any complications.

The repairing can also be done by our own in just an hour with the help of normal household tools. 

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