Maintenance and Care For Betta Fish Tanks

There’s plenty of information that you can find online about maintenance and care for Betta fish tanks, you can also join in some forums so you can ask questions from your fellow hobbyists. Bettas are used to living in relatively shallow but spacious environment, you have to mimic this kind of set up as much as possible to keep your fish happy. A larger tank is always better and maintenance is not that hard unlike if you have a vase or small bowl. With a bowl or a smaller tank, you may need to do water change on a daily basis to make sure that the pH is on a healthy level. Changing the water frequently can be very stressful to your Betta. The water should be in a pH range of 6.8 to 7.5.

The main thing that you have to pay close attention to is maintaining good water quality. With larger Betta fish tanks, you only need to change about 20% to 30% of the water every few weeks. 2 weeks interval is great to help restore the minerals in the water aside from the fact that it helps keep the tank clean. Keep in mind that changing all the water in the tank at once can be harmful to your fish because of the sudden change in the environment. Other hobbyists suggest that cleaning the tank (removing build up or debris) once a week is ideal. This way, you are also avoiding bacteria to grow which can be harmful to your fish. While some bacteria are bad, it is also required to let nitrifying bacteria to grow in the gravel. The nitrifying bacteria help in reducing the toxicity in water and it improves water quality as well. Putting ¼ to ½ inch gravel in your tank increases the surface area and allows good bacteria to grow.

Aside from water quality, temperature is also crucial in Betta fish tanks. Bettas are used to warm water so the temperature in the tank should be between 78 and 82 degrees, no more and no less. You can use a small heater to have temperature consistency. If the temperature drops to 75 degrees or lower, the Betta will become sluggish and drift at the bottom of the tank. Also, it is not recommended to put power filters in the tank because Bettas are not comfortable with rapidly moving water. They can become very stressed out and this can lead to health problems.