Make a Guy Fall in Love and Stay in Love

What are the triggers to make a guy fall in love? If you could learn what they were, do you think that maybe you could have that hot guy you are after? If there is something which can make a guy fall in love, how many more options would you have if you learned it? Sure, it may seem impossible to make a guy fall in love, but it really is just a matter of knowing the triggers. Are you ready to find out what they are?

This is really not all that hard. The first one is that you have to learn to relax when he is around you. The best way to do this is with laughter. If you can’t make him laugh, then laugh at his jokes. You can even work on matching his sense of humor. You may be surprise at how easy this is if you relax and have fun with it. Making a person laugh has an interesting affect on them and makes them more at ease around you.

Next, treat him like the most important person in the world when he is around you. Then take the time to get away from him by doing something which does not involve him. Being absent from his life and indulging him when he is around will make him miss you even more when he is not around you. If he knows what he is missing he is more likely to chase after you.

Finally, focus on becoming his friend. Romance which is absent of friendship can fall apart very fast. There are all kinds of silly little rules which apply to dating which are not a part of friendship. Many of these can make dating stressful. If you are able to set these aside it will be a complete breath of fresh air for him to be around you.

These things will not only make a guy fall in love but it will make him want to remain in your life.