Make Google Go Weird -Google Magic Trick – How Is It Done – The Secret Revealed

If you are on YouTube very often you may have seen the Google Magic Trick. One of the more popular ones is hosted over at DarkArtsMedia. It is a really neat effect where you can take and vanish the letters in the Google name. I have looked at that trick for a while now and seen problems with it though.

Think about these issues:

Have you noticed their title bar never shows “Google”. This is a dead giveaway that you are not really on Google but on another site altogether. Another issue is that it doesn’t use the Google icon in the page. You will get a totally different icon, even if you call it Google it will be obvious to them that it is not

To me the worst problem of all was that there is no where you can go for really good advice on how to perform the trick. Sure there are lots of people blogging about it, but no where do you find really good instructions on the trick. I decided to fix the problems so I went out and designed my own versionthe effect.

I am not going to make you buy anything to teach you how to do the trick I am going to teach you right here how to perform it. The trick works with flash-based animation. Make sure the browser you are using has flash installed and enabled. When you begin go to and bookmark it to your toolbar. Name it “Google”. When you do that in your tool bar you will see the correct icon and the correct name. When you perform this version of the trick you will see that the title bar originally will say the correct name and have the right icon despite it being on a totally different URL.

You can now practice the effect because you have the bookmark up on your toolbar. When you click on the bookmark the fake page will appear. No click once anywhere on the screen with your mouse and you have about 1 second to cover the first “o” before it vanishes. Once it does remove your hand and show the person. You then have 3 more seconds before the other letters move. Make sure your hand covers the letters while they move. When the letters have moved you can take away your hand and reveal it to them.

At this time you can also show them the title bar and URL which show “”, To return to the actual Google home page click anywhere on the screen, making sure to cover the gloeg first. When the screen refreshes you will be on the real Google search page.

Special note: Make sure you are not signed into Gmail or any other account with Google when you do this trick, if you are it might end differently when you return to their main page. That is how it’s done!