Make Him Love You And Commit To You

Have you been on the look out for a way to make a guy fall in love with you?  Have you talked it out with your girlfriends and you still don’t know what to do?  Is it getting to the point where you’re considering giving up on men?  True, love can be complicated at times, but there is always a way to get into a man’s heart.  Read on to see how you can change your future love life.

Surely you’ve noticed during your singles years, the ease with which you can gain a man’s sexual attention.  Wear something a bit provocative, smile and wink invitingly and voila, you’ve got a man hanging all over you.  But when it comes to a serious relationship that you’d like to see last a bit longer than a few nights, it is quite a different story.

As much as men want sex, when it comes to a relationship that is to be long term, they’re willing to be patient and they even tend to look at the woman who is quick to offer her sexuality as being cheap or sleazy.

It may seem cliché, but men are more willing to actually get to know you, see the kind of personality you have and find out what’s going on in your head than you might think.  If you’ve ever listened in on a conversation of men as they talk of the women in their lives, you’d see that they are eager to brag about the many qualities these women have.  Smart, compassionate, fun to be with, easy to get along with.

So put some time and effort into showing your new man who you really are.  Every date you have with him is really an opportunity for you to expose a different side of you.  Can you be fun and silly as he takes you to a local carnival?  And how do you react when you’re taken to a quiet and intimate restaurant for an elegant dinner?  Do you make him feel good about all the special things he does for you?

Men enjoy knowing that the woman in their life is proud of him and appreciates the little things he does, even if he doesn’t always get everything right.  Don’t start the relationship on a negative foot by pointing out every time he’s wrong or mistaken.  Instead, make a point of noting the good things he does and how smart he is.

It can become tempting to rush things, after all, you’re eager to get closer and spend more time with him.  But hold back.  This process needs to be long if you want your relationship to have a better chance of success.

Falling in love doesn’t happen over night.  Give yourself time to figure out who he really is, and give him plenty of time to get to know you as well.