Make Him Sit Up and Beg For More!

Want to know what it takes to really get his attention? Want to know the secrets that will make him beg for you? Ready to finally get him desperate for you? Many women feel this way and what really matters is that you really take the time to make yourself look and feel special.

Confidence is key and it is no secret that most women get confidence from their looks. So you want to find out those aspects of your appearance that is going to give you that confidence. Whatever it is, if its your hair, your eyes or your legs, play it up. If you lead with your best feature then you are likely to feel confident that when guys look at you, they are going to like what they see.

Once you start getting more confident then it is time to maybe start making improvements. Do whatever it takes to make you feel even better about your appearance and gain that extra bit of confidence. When you finally get that confidence you can really start to get into making those first moves and flirting.

Flirting is the best way to get him in the mood for more than just a look. Guys like the mystery and while they may not admit it they liked to be teased. By giving him that special look and touching him in a certain way, you can really get his imagination going. Once his thoughts are on a more intimate topic, it won’t be long before he is chasing you down to fulfill your promise.

Men like to know they are attractive and that the woman they are with really does want them. By flirting you let him know that you want him just as much as he wants you, but you never want to make the job completely easy for him. Let him do some of the work before you let him reap the benefits and you’ll have him coming back for more, eager for the challenge.