Make Money by Offering a Teleseminar

Presenting teleseminars offers you major benefits. You don’t have to develop a full product and seeing whether anybody wants it; you offer a teleseminar and see how many people sign up. You don’t have to pitch your product or service one-on-one; you talk to many people at once. You don’t have to try to market to people who aren’t interested and will never buy; you concentrate on the people who expressed an interest by attending. You don’t have to rely on only a few words and a moment of time to explain the use and benefits of a product or service; you have an hour of people’s time. You don’t have to approach people as a stranger; you establish a relationship and approach them as someone they know. And teleseminars have many uses.

Here are some ways you can use a teleseminar:

Sell admission to the teleseminar or a teleseminar series. It won’t have the pluses of a live seminar — meeting the other attendees, mixing in some play — but it won’t have the minuses either — travel, expenses, getting behind at work.

Most of the time, though, you will not charge for attendance. There are other important things to accomplish.

Use the teleseminar to pitch your product or service. Make a special offer such as a lower price and bonuses to those attending if they buy immediately. A major impediment to selling is the lack of urgency. With no reason to buy now, people are likely to postpone purchasing until they forget. A teleseminar is an event and offers made during the event are understood to expire when the event is over.

Use it in a joint venture (JV). Interview someone else, or introduce them and let them present their seminar. They pitch their product, and you get a fraction (e.g. 50%) of the sales made at the seminar. Or you offer your teleseminar to other peoples lists. Be sure you not only get your share of the money, but also a copy of the list of attendees. The quickest way to build your list is from other peoples lists.

Offer attendance to get people onto your email list and to keep them on. An email list is vital. It is ever so much easier to get sales from people who know you and have already expresses an interest in what you offer. But to get people’s names and emails, you must give them something in return. And you must maintain positive interactions so they will stay on your list.

Make members-only seminars one of the benefits of your members-only site. You get “continuity income,” monthly payments, from your members. You can get people to join initially by offering a month or two of free membership when they buy your product or pay to attend your seminar. They start to be billed thereafter until they cancel. To avoid having them cancel, you have to continually provide new benefits for the members. Teleseminars for members only are an easy benefit to provide.

When you give a teleseminar, you can get a recording from the teleseminar company. You can use it for most of the purposes of the teleseminar itself — selling it, offering it as a bonus or benefit — and you can put it with images of your slides to create a video slide show, and you can get a transcript to use in books and articles.

One teleseminar costs you almost nothing, and gives you a plethora of products and promotional materials.