Make Money From Other People’s Mistakes on eBay

I have found a little discovery which is making me an extra £80 – £100 pound a week on my eBay business and I am going to you how you can do the same. I know the amount doesn’t sound much but I’ve recently started and it all adds up in the end. This little discovery is so great, YOU can use it to profit from it and it’s free!

Now before I go in to this free and valuable resource tool, I always stress to my fellow eBayers to spell check their listings and titles before listing their item on eBay. You see, surprisingly, a lot of people DON’T actually do this. You’ll find loads of listings and titles with spelling mistakes in.

So why is this good news for you and me?

Well, you see potential buyers use the search facility on eBay they will most likely spell the item right, or eBay will come up with suggestions for the word they are spelling.

For example say, I wanted to buy a Vivienne Westwood item. I would type in Vivienne Westwood in the search bar and see the results.

Now, if someone has mispelt Vivienne Westwood in their title, that item will not come up in the search results and therefore have less exposure. This means that the item will get fewer or no bids at all.

So what do we do? Buy the item and re-list it on eBay for a profit, (without the spelling mistakes, of course!)

Let me explain in more detail: Lets say for example someone had listed a brand new Nintendo Wii for £70 as the starting price but they spelt Nintendo wrong. Because of this not many people will see the listing or bid on the Nintendo. You spot the listing and bid on the item, now you could be the only bidder for that item and win it for £70.00. An absolute bargain, so re-list it without the spelling mistakes for £70.00 so we don’t any money, and watch the bids come in. Nintendo Wii’s on average are going for about £120.00 so you’ve made £50.00 profit one just ONE item!!!

Use eBay pulse and find out the hot selling items on eBay and use the other people’s spelling mistakes to profit from.

I hope you’re seeing the profit potential here!!!

Now thinking about how to misspell words or coming up with the variations of the word can be hard and time consuming. But not anymore with this free and valuable resource tool at all you have to do is type in the item brand or item and see the entire miss spelt items for sale.

So what are you waiting for visit and see what bargains you can find.