Make Mouth-Watering Rice and Pasta with the Aroma NutriWare NRC-600 Rice Cooker

If you love pasta and rice dishes and want to make meals that are flawlessly delicious, while being able to feed a lot of people at one time, then you need to have the right appliance for the job. Use a rice cooker such as the Aroma NutriWare NRC-600 16-cup rice cooker. This is an awesome kitchen appliance and it is small enough that you can leave it on your cupboard. This can be really handy, since there are so many small appliances that you have to put away every time you use them, so you don’t bother using them all that often.

What this Rice Cooker Features

There are many reasons to have a rice cooker in your home and the Aroma NutriWare rice cooker is one of the best ones that you can have for the price you will pay. This is a really economical way to have all of the rice and pasta meals that you want and you won’t end up eating all of those processed rice and pasta meals that are not really all that good for you. And rice cookers are just as easy to use as most juicers. All you really have to do is put in your ingredients, press a button and let the machine do all the work for you. Can you think of an easier way to prepare a healthy meal that your entire family is going to really love eating?

When you use the Aroma NutriWare NRC-600 rice cooker, you can make a meal that will feed more than a dozen people, so it is excellent if you have a really large family, or are planning a dinner party. You can have eight cups of uncooked rice in this rice cooker and when it is all ready, you will be able to serve 16 cups of cooked rice to your family and guests. And you can also cook pasta in this machine, giving you even more delicious meal options. In fact, when you purchase the Aroma NutriWare rice cooker, you will even get a recipe book, where you will find all kinds of tasty meals you can prepare. These recipes are from Cooking with Grains by Coleen and Bob Simmons.

Your rice or whole grains are going to cook on an entirely stainless steel tray that is inserted into the machine and this rice maker even has the ability to boil pasta to perfection. All of the surfaces that will touch your food are made from stainless steel and the inner pot is simple to remove, making it really easy to clean up after you are finished cooking.

If you would like to learn more about the advantages of using the Aroma NutriWare NRC-600 rice cooker, you can find it at You can get all of the information about this machine and even order it conveniently right from your home. While you’re at the website, you may also be interested in taking a look at the many juicers that are available too. Then, you can make both meals and juice, quickly and easily.