Make Sure You Know How To Remove Fluoride From Drinking Water to Stay Healthy

These days it’s important to know how to remove fluoride from drinking water as this is an unnecessary additive and a very toxic substance. Thankfully home filtration has improved greatly but still only one type can help you.

Before we get to the best type, it is important to know why fluoride is in the drinking water and what type it is.

This substance was first added to the water in the fifties to help prevent tooth decay. It can also get into the system from the dumping of waste from industry and from agricultural runoff.

The problem is that the type added to the water in the US today is not a natural one. The fluoride added to drinking water is mainly silicofluoride and is the waste product of the aluminum industries. As a result it is 80% more toxic than the natural type.

In addition, thanks to advances in dental care and toothpastes, many experts feel that there is no need to add extra in the first place.

Studies have shown that fluoride can lead to many serious conditions including cancer, genetic disorders and brain impairment.

In fact, the World Health Organization is calling for lower levels so that many future health conditions can be averted.

How to remove fluoride from drinking water

The best way is to ensure you have a good home filtration system, especially as there are potentially thousands of harmful chemicals in the supplies today which you should remove.

The best systems can remove around 40-60% of the fluoride as it is hard and unnecessary to remove completely. By removing this amount, the levels become very safe and do not represent any danger to your health.

The best types are active carbon filters with sub micron filtering and a dual process. Only these can remove the fluoride and 99% of all the other contaminants to leave your water healthy and safe.

You can check out the manufacturer’s website which should always tell you how much fluoride their filters remove and also look for a Performance Data Sheet to show the levels of all the other contaminants too.

Now you know how to remove fluoride from drinking water along with all the other contaminants, you and your family can enjoy improved health now and in the future too.

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