Make up plays a vital role in adding beauty to the normal face or good looking face. It is the crucial part in qualifying one’s photos. It is also beneficial for the model to have her make up professionally before the photo shoot. Make up and the elegance of the person are equally important in the photo shoot. One should need to show up fresh and radiant for the shoot. During a professional photo shoot a make up artist is usually present with their few assistants to do regular touch ups. Make up for photo shoot is not a tough task.


A make up artist has to work towards hiding all the negative things from the individual face and add charms to her/him. Photographic make up does not take a lot of time. The right person can do it in minutes. There are some make up accessories which enhances positivity to one’s face, they are concealer, foundation, lipstick, face powder and eyebrows.


Before applying make up one should wash his/her face well. Exfoliation of skin is necessary with deep facial wash and applying light moisturizer after that. The function of concealer is to hide the dark spots or blemishes around the face area. It gives the skin overall symmetry. Choosing the right concealer color makes the skin toner look smoother and not overdone. Foundation is applied to the face and can even be applied to the hands and legs for the particular photo shoot to give overall smoothness and uniform skin tone under the shade and the tan. Face powder applied to the skin to light up the area under the flash and give the best possible shot. Eye pencils used to give the eyes more gaze and intimate look. Eye liner used to remove the look of fatigue. A true make up artist give the fresh feel by working with the eyebrows. Lipstick is generally used for final touch up and lip gloss and pencil used for finishing the lipstick.


Photographic make up is not just about doing the photo and taking a picture. There is a lot of work behind that photograph. A good photographer makes the picture tells a story. Styling the model with appropriate make up takes a lot in merits and demerits of the photograph. A model or a person with natural soft looks and perfect nature setting will be ideal for photo shoot. The photographer easily controls the light and concerns himself with elements such as lenses, cameras and the background. The perfect clothing also plays a vital part in photo shoot. The secret of taking great photo is to observe your subject and connect with them and using camera to its best advantage. Lighting, location, composition, physical characteristics, and environment all things are equally required attention for good picture.



There are lots of photographic make up artist in the world today but to become an artist one should need all the kinds of experience he/she can get. Special techniques and color schemes are necessary to be mastered for the make up artist.