Make Wonderful Recipes From Leftover Turkey

The chance of leftover turkey after a standard party or a normal dinner is pretty high. Many people consider discarding the leftover as a better alternative, but what if you could use these remains to make tasty dishes. Yes! You could make a few delightful recipes from the leftover turkey. Go through some exciting and lip-smacking recipes that could be made from the leftovers.

The first thing that you could prepare with leftover turkey is the ‘Savory Turkey Gobbler’. It is a very simple recipe and has to be served with cranberry sauce and freshly minced salad. This recipe will definitely enlighten your taste buds. A topping of homemade biscuits may be added to this dish if you’re short of time. For the calorie conscious, biscuits are not a very good idea instead you must try the Dietrine Carb Blocker to assure weight loss.

One more delicious recipe is turkey, swiss casserole and ham. In this recipe, ham along with cheese is added to the turkey. Ham and cheese have palatable flavours and these flavours make the recipe totally pleasant. You can even use croissant crumbs for topping, in case you have them as a leftover.

This dish tastes finest when served with sliced tomatoes or a freshly tossed salad. Serving the meal with a fresh salad is a great idea. It not just enhances the taste of the dish but also increases the nutrition value. Salads are good for your overall health and skin too. Anyone suffering from acne ought to eat salads comprising of several fruits and vegetables. However, if you are searching for comprehensive results, then try the Exposed Skin care System.

If you are game for creamy food then ‘Creamy Parmesan Turkey Sauce with Country Ham and Peas’ is a mouth watering recipe. A considerable amount of cheese is used in this recipe to provide it a creamy flavor and texture. You could try a variant of country ham if you want. You must serve this with pasta or hot creamy grits for an added taste.

Now as far as health-conscious people are involved, try ‘curried turkey salad’. This is perhaps the smart use of turkey leftover. Make this dish by adding cooked turkey (sliced) , dried cranberries as well as mayonnaise in fixed proportion. If you add a lot of mayonnaise, ascertain that you exercise on a treadmill to make up for the extra calories. You can also enhance the taste of the dish, by adding a few pecans and green onions. Use of diverse seasonings in this recipe improves the overall taste and brings out an amalgamation of several seasonings.

Therefore, next time after a party, do not throw away the leftover turkey. Instead, try these enjoyable recipes. BOLA TANGKAS