Make Your Girl Feel Special by Treating Her in the Best NYC Restaurant

New York City has some of the best and romantic restaurants of the world. Here you get the meals of all varieties food which will suit your budget also. These restaurants are open through out the day so you can visit these restaurants at anytime. There are few restaurants in NYC which are so popular as well as romantic that celebrities also feel like dating here. These restaurants presents lip smacking cuisines and regarded as the excellent hang out zone. Well few restaurants which are famous for their cuisines as well as for its ambiance are listed below.

Café de artiste: the ambiance of this restaurant is just too good and incomparable. It is considered to be the oldest dining space in Manhattan. The interior of the restaurants is just too good and your girl can smell an air of romance with which the whole place blossoms. And if you talk about the cuisines offered by the restaurants then you cannot leave this place without tasting papardelle pasta with great wild mushrooms.

Lattanzi: if you want to treat your girl in a classy restaurant in NYC then you have chosen the right place. It offers the best food which is quite related to the home made stuff. Well those who all are planning to visit here its better to book your table in advance as it is one of the crowded restaurants in NYC. The whole décor of the restaurant is beautiful as well as fascinating. And cuisines served here are just worth eating and will definitely remind you of the home made food.

Tao: if your girl is really fond of the great seafood and variety of beverages collected from all over the world then Tao is the best place to treat her. It serves the best sea food in the whole area and beverages are just too great. And the deserts served here is very delicious and you will surely end up treating your girl in a best restaurant with amazing cuisines. As you will dine here you will get a feeling that you are in an island as the food and ambiance will make you feel that way.

The whole NYC is blessed by the love god that’s why it has many restaurants that gives romantic environment and serves amazing cuisines. And if you will treat your girl in any of these restaurants then she will really feel pampered and special.