Make Your Own Green Energy Sources and Save

What if you didn’t have to pay your electric bill or buy gas for your car, that would be great! You can, you can learn to produce your own sources of green energy. Some of the equipment you can buy at the store, but other parts will have to be made.

The first place to start is solar or wind energy. The technology to harness this power is already out there and can be found with a simple internet search. To have have solar power you will need batteries, an inverter, solar panels, wiring, and a support structure. With wind energy, you need a fan instead of the solar panels, but everything else is basically the same. If you lack the skills to put this together yourself, there are companies out there that can sell you a kit that is easier to put together or you can hire a company that will do everything. By hiring these expert installers they do all the work and you simply reap the benefits.

Solar and wind power can take up a lot of space. If you lack the space for these two types of green energy sources, you might want to look into biofuels. Biofuels are commonly used in other countries and are made from corn, sugar, and other natural products. You want need a farm to grow these products, because you can make the biofuels from recycled waste. The most popular example wold be vegetable oil that has already been used for cooking. Before you can use the oil, it has to be filtered. You can do this by warming it up and running it through a large coffee filter. Next you need to remove the water by boiling the used oil for a short period. There are a few other steps required before you can use the recycled oil as fuel, but a quick internet search will give you simple recipes to complete the formulation.

By producing your own green energy sources, you will become less dependent on gasoline and the electric company. Though this does take time, the savings you see will continue to increase as fuel and electric costs rise.