Making Long-Distance and Time-Constrained Meet-ups Possible through Web Conferencing

Web conferencing is a term used to describe when people meet virtually through the Internet to discuss ideas or share information. Web conferencing providers create services or software that contain tools for online collaboration.

Many of the leading web conferencing service providers offer the ability to share applications and desktops, permit file transferring, and allow you to view information (such as an Excel Spreadsheet, PowerPoint Presentation, Word Document, etc.). The video conferencing services are also integrated to provide realistic face-to-face meeting quality. In addition to added features, web conferencing providers often offer technical support and training available 24/7.

What are Web Conferencing Services intended for?
Organizations and companies can employ web conferencing services to train mobile team members and employees in-house or in remote locations around the globe without the high costs related to time and travel. Schools can conduct training for online courses. Huge companies can hold scheduled or spur-of-the-moment meetings, presentations, demonstrations and reviews whenever the need arises. In short, web conferencing as a service offers partners, clients, employees – even family and friends – a way to reach each other despite time and location barriers.

Web conferences take your meetings to a new level.

Web Conferencing Features
Each web conferencing provider offers features with their services that may vary from the next, but they generally share a few commonalities. Common features include:

Alert tone or buzz to indicate a participant has entered the meeting
Mute/un-mute one or multiple lines
Private sub-conferences
Dial-in and/or dial-out to participants
File, desktop and application sharing
White-boarding, polling, and question and answer sessions
The ability to record your conference for future playback

Leading Web Conferencing Service Providers

Microsoft Office Live Meeting
Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro
XO Communications
Mega Meeting
Web Con Central
Go To Meeting

Simply put, web conferencing adds a dynamic visual element to any audio conference. Web conferencing gives you the power to collaborate, conduct presentations, and enhance the understanding of your subject matter with partners, colleagues, and clients anywhere in the world at any time.

Additional Information
For more information on web conferencing providers and web conferencing services than can help increase your businesses productivity while cutting back on expenses and shrinking your carbon footprint, contact one of our professional account managers today!