Making Thanksgiving Traditions With Your Family

Many of us celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with the standard traditions held from generation to generation. However, some have developed little variations and sometimes even more unusual traditions to celebrate this holiday as well. Regardless of whether your traditions are, for lack of a better way to say it, traditional, or if you and your family celebrate in your own special way, Thanksgiving is a day of appreciation for all we have and the amazing people who have impacted our lives.

The most common traditions tend to center around the meal as friends and family come together to say what they are most thankful for that year. However, how the meal actually gets to the table could be quite different. Some will hunt the turkey themselves and stick it in the smoker with their own special recipe while others will head to the local supermarket hoping to find the biggest bird at the best price. And then there are those less “domestic” of us who will pick up the phone and call the caterer.” Gathering together to watch football on TV after lunch and zonking out on the couch has become yet another of those traditions that we may poke fun at, but still happens year after year by a large group of the ones making the jokes. For some, it can be about getting out your address book and updating your Christmas list.

Thanksgiving Day is often thought of as the beginning of the Christmas season and used as a time to decorate the house and Christmas tree. This will begin the long awaited Christmas season adding an air of anticipation to the house. Another tradition has become sitting down with all the sale papers to see what the best deals are going to be on the Black Friday sales the next day. While these traditions may not have been shared by the early settlers, they have become quite popular over the years and are shared by families across the US.

All in all, we have a great history of traditions we honor every year at Thanksgiving. From stuffing our faces as well as the bird to falling asleep on the sofa only to wake up a few hours later ready for more, the standards cannot be beat. And by sitting down with your kids after a great Thanksgiving meal, showing them your traditional methods of celebrating the day, and ramping up the holiday season, you can pass your traditions on to them, a legacy of love and appreciation for all that Thanksgiving represents.