Making the Best Decision When Sending a Fruit Basket

Everyone wants to make the best buying decision when sending a fruit basket on both quality and price. So if you are going to buy a fruit gift basket, take a few minutes and get some free insider information before you go surfing online. If you don’t, you will be basing your edible arrangement purchasing decision solely on price and the fruit basket picture you see.

Fruit Gift Basket Manufacturers of Edible Arrangements

First and foremost, you need to know that there are very few companies in the United States that actually manufacturer fresh fruit baskets. These companies are usually started by families that have been orchardists for many generations. These orchardists grow the apples, pears, and oranges, prepare the gourmet gift baskets, and then ship the gifts to your recipient. Orchardists who make fruit and gift baskets also “cherry pick” the highest quality grades and largest fruit for their own edible fruit gift baskets while selling the remaining fruit to grocery stores. To get gourmet fruit baskets with the best fruit at the lowest prices, you will want to buy your fruit gift baskets directly from these orchardists.

Online Gift Basket Websites and Fruit Basket Drop Shipping

Secondly, many gifting websites will also offer fruit baskets online, but they will have the manufacturer ship it directly to your recipient. This business arrangement between gifting websites and fruit basket manufacturers is called Drop Shipping. Gift basket website owners like this arrangement because they can offer a fresh fruit basket selection to their clientele without having to make the gifts themselves. The manufacturers will give the gift basket company a significant discount off all the gifts they purchase on behalf of their customers. These volume discounts usually range from 25%-50% off the manufacturers retail price.

These gifting websites will markup the price of the fruit gift baskets they resell to usually double their cost. Doubling the wholesale price of a gift is a common industry practice called “keystone pricing”, meaning you could be paying 25%-50% more than the manufacturer’s retail price. Purchasing directly from the fruit basket manufacturer will help you avoid overpaying for your gourmet fruit baskets.

Florist Delivered Fruit Baskets

Another fruit gift delivery method we have seen in the fruit basket industry is when an edible arrangement is delivered through the florist network. Gifting websites simply post pictures of attractive fruit baskets and when one is purchased, that order is sent to the closest florist of the recipient for same-day delivery. The florist, who receives the order, is given a picture of the gourmet fruit basket that was sold online and told how much they are going to receive for preparing and delivering the gift. So the less money the florist puts in to preparing your fruit gift, the more money they’ll get to keep. The preparation of the fruit baskets usually includes a trip to the grocery store and selecting from the available grocery store quality fruit, the smallest and lowest quality fruit available. The extra items, like the basket, candies, wines, and cheeses, are also picked out by the florist. Unless you absolutely must have the fruit basket delivered on the same day you should avoid this delivery method because the items in the delivered fruit gift will never match the picture upon which you originally based your purchasing decision.