Malpractice Attorney – The Work and the Education

Suing rich people for a living might perhaps sound like a well paying job, but before you decide to pursue a career as a malpractice attorney you had better think twice. You need commitment to your job and a willingness to not have a personal life in order to become a malpractice attorney.If you want money, perhaps you should consider selling cars. On the other hand, if making a difference in the world is your thing you may just be cut out for the work of a medical malpractice attorney.

Needed Education

Before you can enter in any education that will lead to a legal degree in medical malpractice, you have to go to and finish high school or get a GED. Then, you have to get into college to get a degree in pre-law, law or even business. Only then will you actually be able to specialize in the field of the malpractice attorney.

The universities that educate lawyers will require you to have passed a Law School Admission Test (LSAT), which is basically the college version of the SAT you may be familiar with from before. You need to send those scores and your copies of relevant documents from your previous college or university to your legal college or university.

Then, after you are accepted to the legal college or university, you need to work hard at two things. to begin with you will have to pass all your courses to get a degree. This takes an average of three years. If at all possible, getting a job at a legal department as soon as possible is also highly recommended. In this case a law firm that have several malpractice attorneys on staff is of course an excellent choice.

The Final Steps

The final stage is to take the appropriate bar (from “barrister”) exam for your location. Most people fail the on their first try and so have to take it again. Your university will know where you need to take your exam. Having come this far, you can certainly congratulate yourself on a work well done. Then get ready to really go to work.