Man Skin, Whether Good or Bad is Base on the Face Clean


Man Skin, Whether Good or Bad is Base on the Face Clean


Even if we do not want to take the time for the skin care, we always have time to wash it, as long as careful a few minutes to do a simple wash, will be able to fully play a considerable effect, become the top priority of the maintenance of skin.


1. with hot water to thoroughly clean the face, also comfortable in winter.

If you often wash your face with hot water, face a “protective membrane” will be washed off, preferably with warm water cleansing. Because the water cooling to 20-25 ℃, the dissolved gas than the boiling, in which a decrease of about 1 / 2, when the water quality and water within the skin cells are very close, easier to penetrate into the skin.


2. with alkaline cleansing products in order to wash the oil.

Skin sebaceous glands and sweat glands, is a natural layer of protective film, slightly acidic, has a strong bactericidal effect of skin care. Alkaline cleansing products will destroy a lot of it and stimulate the sebaceous glands, “oil.” It is recommended that men generally use a mild cleanser face texture.


3. Wash your face with a towel to wash clean.

Terry towel to large numbers than the pores to a few hundred times, difficult to penetrate into pores, dirt and grease will be deep cleaned. Wet towel quit a long time in favor of various micro-organisms to breed, wet face towel to wipe her face is no different from your face all kinds of bacteria. It is best to wash your face with soft cotton cleansing and disinfection of frequently drying.


1 time per week cleaning!

Simply wash away the day cleansing is dust, and exfoliating week 1, but the secret to radiant sportsman, he makes you translucent from the inside out!


How to use the scrub

1. Do not face with small pox, scrub the wound.

2. Select facial scrub particles depends on whether it is delicate and round before buying can first try at the back of the hand, if the feeling of coarse particles, in the same position after the massage, do not use dry skin, on the contrary, in the same location massage The skin becomes smooth and is OK!

3. Deep cleansing and scrub not to use the same day. I do not care moisturizing complex! If the skin means that the toner, essence, emulsion, cream layers of superposition, then many men would rather give up the maintenance. Therefore, the wise choices for him the best that you get a bottle of skin care products.


Learn some little knowledge of skin care

1. You do not have to become experts in skin care products like a woman, too, can protect their skin. In general, the lotion a little less oil than creams, and oily cream smaller than the ointment, know enough. For most men, the lotion is the best choice.

2. If you still do not care about their own “face moisturizer” care, then be sure to drink plenty of water! Because water can speed up the metabolic rate, all the excess waste out of the body, but also filling the skin surface of the water film, a sense of time and flexibility to keep moist. Water can be said is the best and most simple skin care methods.