Mang Tika: The jewellery that adds meaning to the holy bond of marriage

Jewellery exemplifies the glory of Indian tradition and culture and thus they form an important part of it. Without jewellery all the major cultural affairs in India are simply incomplete. Wedding is one of the occasions in which ornaments are considered immensely auspicious and hence they make a significant part of the bridal trousseau. The ornaments worn by the bride on her wedding day reveal the socio economic status of her family and at the same time they put forward a glimpse of her aesthetic taste. Certain jewellery like earrings, necklace, mangal sutra, bangles, kamarband, rings, anklets and several other forms of jewellery are been worn by the bride but one of the special items that a bride just loves to flaunt is a mang tika. It is jewellery that highlights the bride’s pretty face in a much radiant way. Wearing mang tika on the wedding day was much of a tradition during early times but now they play an important role at the fashion front as well. A bride nowadays flaunts the tika on her forehead more as a fashion statement than merely following the age-old tradition. Thus one can easily find a mang tika in any fashion jewellery store and an extensive variety of tikas available here.

A mangtika bears a centre piece typically made of precious stones and relatively large in size and it rests on the forehead of the wearer. The centre piece is added with a string which is attached to the hair with a hook. Often a water droplet shaped stone dangles out of the centre piece and that makes the look of the bride much more gracious. The tikas are nowadays are chosen in a way that they match well to the colourful bindis on the girl’s forehead. Manngtika is a popular accessory for teenage and young girls, specially the brides. Often after the wedding ceremony the other functions that is lined up for the new bride to attend, this is a fashionable choice to be worn. That is the reason, a bride -to-be often opt for more than one pattern of tika in order to match with different sarees and other attires to be worn by her in the new home. Although the tikas are mainly worn for weddings but there is no restriction to wearing it in other occasions too. That’s the reason; young girls often flaunt it during different festivities.

Mang tika has some auspicious connotation too. It is meant for the mang or forehead of a bride who eagerly wait for the moment when her husband would move the tika politely and will grace her with the sacred touch of sindoor and will start a journey together for lifetime. So, this is indeed an embellishment with which a woman always attaches the sweet memory of her wedding day forever.