Manifesting and the Frequency of a Couch

Earlier today I did a coaching call about the Law of Attraction. When I was talking about how you can only attract things to you things that are on the same frequency as you, a participant asked, “How do you attract a couch? At what frequency do you have to be vibrating to bring a couch to you?”  

The question surprised me and it took me a moment to compose myself-and the answer to her question. Before I give you my solution, take a moment and think about it yourself. If you attract only things that match your frequency how could you attract a couch-or any material item, for that matter? 

How did you do? Were you thinking maybe a pretty, fancy expensive couch vibrates at a higher frequency than a well used tattered couch? 

Here is the thing-it is not about the couch at all. Attracting material things is about recognizing the feelings you will experience when you have that thing. So I told the person to write down all the emotions and feelings she will experience when she owns that couch-comfort, peace, ease of operation (if it reclines or opens into a bed), beauty, pride, satisfaction, etc. I told her what she wants is what owning the couch will bring to her life-its essence, its qualities. 

You see, that list represents feelings that happen at different frequencies. Once she completes that list then all she has to do is raise her frequency to one that matches the highest of all those feelings. Once she feels she is in that space then, and only then, will a request to the Universe work in bringing that couch to her. 

I shared one other critical point. I recommended that she ask for the couch that allows her to experience all those feelings rather than ask for a specific couch-unless she is absolutely certain she wants only a particular couch and nothing else will do.  

Why would I do that? When you ask for something in great detail you limit what the Universe can bring to you. Maybe the Universe knows there is another couch out there that she would like even more, that would allow her to feel all the benefits she desires at an even higher level. The Universe is only free to deliver what is in a person’s highest and best interest if the request comes in an open-ended form rather than a specific item request.

There is one other way she could request that couch-if she does have one in mind. She could ask for the something that meets her needs and desires and looks like she wants it to look (maybe she has a photo or a magazine picture) and add the words, “Or something better.” 

When you make specific requests of the Universe always add those words so you give the Universe the freedom to manifest the item in the form that best fits your highest good.

Follow-up: The very next day the person got her couch. Interestingly she said she had been doing this routine for many weeks-the one that worked the next day. But that day, unlike all the previous weeks, it worked immediately.

There are no coincidences.