Manipur Tenders: Opening Up The Doors To North Indian Business Goldmine

Despite being plagued by a separatist movement since 1964, north eastern hill state of Manipur offers several opportunities for businessmen. Not many large corporate houses are there but those available as well as the government offer excellent opportunities. Bidding and winning Manipur tenders can give an entrepreneur substantial profits.

So far as business opportunities are concerned, north east India is a goldmine. While all the eight states in this region have very rich natural resources, it is also a region that is waiting for improvements in all quarters.

Best Opportunities in Manipur
Most of the Manipur tenders relate to oil and gas, hydro energy tapping, oil, forest wealth, herbs as well as aromatic plant products. Another industry where numerous opportunities are available for the aspirant businessmen is the tourism industry where huge potential is available. No wonder, many entrepreneurs consider Manipur as a commercial hub.

Scope for International Trade and Commerce
Manipur borders China to the north and Bangladesh to the south west and therefore many Manipur tenders relate to international trade and commerce especially with these countries. Proximity with two foreign countries, one developed and the other dependent on foreign trade for economic progress makes Manipur one of the most prospective hubs for trade and commerce.

Investors Interest Point
Manipur is also a point of interest for the investors because of the fact that despite being tiny in size, it has around 3.73% of the entire population of the state and around 7.8% of the land space of the country. This huge potential has been attracting large scale investors to the state and these investors are floating different types of Manipur tenders including procurement of materials and services.

Major Manipur Tenders
Most of the Manipur tenders are related to oil, natural gas, hydro power related products and services, energy generation, irrigation, construction, and transportation. Apart from these there are also substantial scope in horticultural, plantation, cropping, and spice industry as well.

Availing Subsidy Benefits
Bidding and winning Manipur tenders also give the bidder the benefits of availing huge amount of subsidies available. Subsidies are offered by state authorities on the following items.
* Transport related works.
* Capital investments.
* Interests on working capitals.
* Income tax exemptions on certain essential services.

Legal Aspects
Prospective bidders should also take stock of the legal aspects of various Manipur tenders floated by public and private authorities. They should take care of polices such as the North East Industrial and Investment Promotion Police of 2007.

However, Manipur offers attractive incentive structures for both domestic and foreign investments since the government is looking for fast paced overall development of the economy. BOLA TANGKAS