Manners Of A Live Crawfish Good And Bad

Crawfishes are ugly crustaceans but are tasty and delicious. They are always in every Cajun party especially in the south. It is no question for there are 500 species that grow its population every harvest season. They all survive in all types of bodies of water. Aside from ocean you can find them in large and small areas of waters like lakes, streams, ponds, marshes and rivers.

Their instinct tells them to hide under rocks, among logs and twigs, and grass and other vegetation to hide from their predators. In fact, they will use anything around them just to survive even under the sand. They dig under the sand as far as they can go. They stay longer in a place where the supply of oxygen is plenty. They find their food anywhere since they consume plants and other dead organisms that are found in the water.

During the months of spring the crawfish becomes active. They started to come out at 50 degrees water of temperature. Just like a real man they come out to look for friendly female crawfish for mating purposes. They expose their self to the open area where they make a clicking noise which is a sign of calling the females. This is giving the fishermen the chance to capture them.

However, they might be washed off after the waves pass by that cleans the rock where they are standing. For they lack the ability to do so. The possibility of catching them is during early morning or late evening. This is because they are light-sensitive. Yet, if they are visible walking on rocks at 30 feet level of water then that is a good chance of catching them.

Once they have successfully mated, female crawfish will go back to their small holes and caves to wait their eggs become fertilized with the sperm given off by males. While the males charm gone out to molt and their sexual organs fall off. They will try to hide while catchers began to think that this is the time to get lots of crawfish. It is believe that there is truth lies with it but after molting it will be rare to see and catch crawfish in the open water. At that time, they are already on their caves hiding and looking for their foods.

They will only come out during low light conditions but chances of being eaten by the big fishes are 90%. They will change drastically during the molt process from camouflage brown (or olive) to light red (or orange) color. This is the reason why they prone to be eaten by their predators on this stage.

On the other hand, females hatch their eggs for about after 30 days. Crawfish species differ on how long their hatchlings will stay with them but they usually molt every 2 to 7 days and are expected to stay away from their mother after the third molt. They will grow to 1/2 inch long. Then, females will molt and stay at low light feeding process in their caves as much as possible.

Live crawfish of any species type are like humans that reproduce, protect their self from predators and survive with their own way. BOLA TANGKAS