Man’s Soul is Dying, Nearly Buried: The Devil Won the Battle

Man’s Soul is Dying, Nearly Buried: The Devil Won the Battle


Unless man wakes up to the reality of his miserable condition he will continue suffocating while his poor soul is oozing out.

Individualism, egotism, acquisitiveness, arrogance, No God, No Morality, the Devil inside is loose completely to rule, to reign, to control, to send Man to Hell.

Look around you and what do you see. A miserable humanity. Few money-mongers, power-mongers, glory-mongers became the masters of our world today. Slaves everywhere, robots everywhere, machines consume our lives.

Dracula Dictators dominate and suck the blood of their people, ruthlessly, mercilessly, no remorse, no shame and no  way to stop these parasite Cancers. We lost our humanity and became subject to his majesty the ruler.

In every society there is the Dracula deciding for you your way of living, your clothes you have to wear, your dinner, what type of lodging you can live. T

hey decide the economy of the society. Who dares to speak. They know better than you. They decide the politics of their people, sending their fellow-citizens to their death. They do not go to the battle-field themselves for they must run the show.

Mothers without sons. Mothers lost their daughters. Brothers lost their sisters. Sisters lost their brothers. They come back, if they come back, from war, but maimed for life.

The Russians have lost so many of their young soldiers in Afghanistan and now it is the turn of the US soldiers, sacrificed by the Obama and Bush syndrome on the alter of humanity.

A poor mother who has lost her son for ever in Afghanistan went to Bush’s rich ranch and poured out her tiers of agony and suffering. But the butcher President of the United States was playing with his children at the back of the ranch, so he did not hear the crying of a childless mother.

Over one thousand and five hundred US soldiers have perished in Afghanistan, over thirty young soldiers are maimed and crippled for life. What for? Whom for?

What brutality is the Allied Forces are doing to the poor people of Afghanistan. They accuse the Taliban of wanting to conquer the world to spread Islam.

Of course with super ultra sonic fighters and ultra sophisticated weapons the world’s most powerful armed forces are out to fight the Afghans peasant who fights with simple devises of war.

The Allied Forces have not the bloody war for over ten years now. What a farce! What a pretext to invade and occupy the Afghanis territories, just like they did, and are doing in Iraq. The all mighty USA is out to dominate the world now the Soviet Union is reduced to second world citizen and lost its dominance.

Bin Ladden has given the USA the chance of a life time to dominate the world already planned under Roosevelt and Truman.

In the last century super powers were competing to dominate the world. Now the floor is empty and the USA do not spare a moment to dominate whether by force, by economic pressure or ideological brainwashing.

They want to sell their culture to the world. What culture? The culture of cowboys, Coca Cola and Hamburger, and maybe the chewing gum.

Japanese people have lost their culture and now the Mafia, a la west, and golf as well as the Yankee English has invaded the Japanese people.

Iraq is an old civilization of culture and morality but the USA is out to change their culture, planting their stogy government inside Iraq as well as Afghanistan, now the rich Arab countries are already in the hands of the USA government where the rich oil producing Arab countries have sold their soul to the USA.

Americanizing the whole world is not an easy thing but all efforts are made to be accomplished.

Western modernity has nearly dominated the world, with the dominance of western American influence everywhere in every society.

In the name of American democracy and American freedom most world societies have lost their culture, their codes of morality and their only thing that their soul is in need of: their religion. Islam is fought in all fields and by all means.

Western powers have targeted Islam now, by the pretext of Bin Ladden’s criminal act against the World Trade center, and by some criminal psychopaths planting terror.

If Islam is survive in the hearts of Muslims and all believers then Muslims must first bring order in their homes by cleansing the stooges of the Americans and rebuilding Islam and by refusing to accept western morality and values which are no way near Islamic values.

The first seeks the devil of this worldly life and the latter seeks for the favor of God. What a difference! Who is better to serve: the USA governments or God All Might ?