Many Of Us Are Not Aware Of What Is Contemporary Art

Through centuries, the main objective of art is same as it sketches the beauty of the world and in modern times it is modified using innovative methods and techniques. For the purpose of this article, we take for granted that any art work, pictures, paintings etc. created since second world II, is contemporary. . An Artist does not speak or write in words but he speaks to the world through pictures and he conveys his ideas through the language pictures.

Pictures are his medium of expression The main job an artist executes is to express his feelings through pictures instead of writing stories or articles to ventilate views. These talented people live in human society and they prefer to continue his research in the world of art and painting. Artists meditate deeply when they paint pictures.


Maria Skrebtsova, is an eggresing painting artist born in Russia in 1968. She has to her credit 21 galleries and over 200 paintings. Apart from being a female artist, she also likes to write stories for kids. She nurtures her hobbies in creating musical notes and singing songs. She is an erudite and famous artist who has initiated her life into mission of spreading messages of universal love and brotherhood through her painting. after watching her wonderful paintings, you will feel that your mind has been enriched and soothed in celestial light and you are gamboling in sky breaking the barrier of narrow mindedness and rigorous confinement within four walls. It cannot be explained in words. The reunion with nature is a matter of dream which everyone wants to make it real. Her abstract art work has got the descended natural power from the cosmos meant to bestow harmony and tranquility on the earth.

Her highly elegant paintings enhance the total subjection of human soul to spiritual sublimity and holisticism. As an educator she has written poetry and books for school children which are kindling the latent learning powers of the children. Being an educator, she has composed poems and written books for kids which help them to learn more comfortably. Her “Songs for the Soul” has become widely accepted pieces of poetic creation. If you don’t see her creation, you can’t believe what sort of painting she has sketched so far. Her painting and natural elegance have been befriended which can’t be separated as water drops and ocean are inseparable. Her created painting revives the deep sense of universal love and humanity in the mind of viewers who watch her magnificent created art..

Her art has the capacity to broaden mind and widen eyes to experience new dynamism in art. After the departure from the art gallery, your mind will be enriched by thinking about the wonderful creation of her created paintings.

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