March Sugar City, The Early Signs Of Improvement – Sugar, Sugar, Sugar – Food Industry

According to industry research center in the investment consultancy latest data show that on March 16, China Sugar Further increases, the highest price reached 3,780 yuan / ton, an increase of 300 yuan more than last week; Zhanjiang significant increase from last week price of sugar warehouse 150 has been reported to 3,600 yuan / ton, light transaction; Guangzhou price of sugar has also been reported to 3,600 yuan / ton, sales of the original deposit of sugar-based, general sales; Shantou price of sugar has increased to 3650 yuan / ton, buying and selling was light; Hainan price of sugar rose to 3400 yuan / ton, up more than 700 before the Spring Festival Multi. The investment adviser Food Industry analysts Chen Chen pointed out that the signs of domestic sugar market have been reactivated, sugar prices will rise into the channel.

The domestic price of sugar began in late December of last year down, depressed sugar market situation has continued for more than two months, the basic sugar at a loss. Although sugar prices rise, the majority of sugar mills, the only guarantee of the business.

Spot market has lagged far behind in the futures market. Zhengzhou sugar futures opened since 2009 since the price going up, way up, the important series of pre-breakdown resistance 3,300 yuan / ton, 3,500 yuan / ton, 909 contract hit 3,758 yuan / ton in the year highs. In other words, white sugar futures market from the beginning in January will have a warmer signs.

Cast data consultancy industry research center, close to the end of February, the sugar production of the country has accumulated 8,876,900 tons of sugar, the sugar yield of sugar 9,516,200 tons over the same period; the sugar in a total sales of sugar 415.89 tons of sugar on the sugar sales of 5,061,800 tons over the same period, the sugar of the sugar over the previous corresponding period sales of 902,900 tons of sugar, total sugar sales rate of 46.85%, 53.19% on the sugar of the same period.

From 2 to see the end of the national sugar production and sales data, the national sugar production, sales, production and sales rates have decreased compared to last year, is not optimistic about sugar consumption; but combined with the rate in previous years, sales of view, 2, 2009 month of the national sugar sales have been significantly improved.

Recent years, China maintained sugar market supply and demand are basically balanced situation, the net imports of sugar, sugar accounted for a smaller proportion of total consumption, so the domestic price of sugar, especially white sugar futures market price of sugar since the international price of sugar associated with less . The main focus on the domestic price of sugar sugar production, consumption, the main producing areas, the weather changes, the state purchasing and storage reservoir with cast, the state Agriculture and change policies and other factors.

Food industry consultant, according to investment analysts in the analysis of Chen Chen, the recent pick up the domestic sugar market, the main supply and demand relations that exist. Sugar as the main producing areas in China’s Guangxi, last year due to unusual frost, cut sugarcane in general, nearly 20% of yield reduction is expected to cut more than 200 million tons of sugar country. In addition, the state purchasing and storage mechanism for the recent launch of sugar, total purchasing and storage of sugar and 80 tons of the sugar price rise would have some stimulating effect.

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