Marco’s African Place

Situated in the colorful Cape Town area of the Bo Kaap, built into the slopes of the mountain and known for its brightly colored houses and the firing of the noon gun, is Marco’s African Place. The African restaurant, a rectangular building decorated with red ochre, black and cream Ndebele patterns is difficult to miss and fits in perfectly in this vibrant and multi hued setting.

Marco’s is an African restaurant specializing in traditional food that is indigenous to Africa, especially the Cape. It aims to offer a taste of African culture by offering African cuisine and live local music which is enjoyed by the patrons, who often fill the restaurants 220 seats to capacity.

Marco’s is an African restaurant that is very popular amongst tourists looking to sample some of the local fare. The traditional music is supplied by the Marimba band, Young Bakuba, Mpho and the Uvimba band and Mbombela, each play on respective nights of the week and greatly add to the ambiance of the restaurant.


The traditional African cuisine available is scattered throughout the menu and include exotic dishes such as upens(tripe prepared in a local traditional way with onions and brown sauce)and adapted dishes such as chakalaka salad and crocodile carpacciou. For tourists seeking a unique experience, dishes made with ostrich, kudu and springbok are available. Mqombuti, a traditional beer imported from Gugulethu is available on the menu and not available in many restaurants.

This African restaurant also includes ‘Marci’s Rasta Pasta’ which, according to the menu, contains vegetables and special herbs. The African food on offer also includes the cheekily named ‘Group Areas Mousse’ which contains mounds of white and dark chocolate.

Marco, the chef and owner, proudly announces himself as the first black restaurateur in South Africa. In 1989 he opened up his first restaurant in Sea Point with his partner and hasn’t looked back since.