Marcus Evans Leading Conference Organizer

Marcus Evans Germany is more than capable of handling world-class strategic business events. These events offer board members a unique opportunity to learn about future-oriented knowledge concerning strategic management. The events also provide space to participants so that they can engage in networking.

The group wants to expand its presence in Europe. To achieve this they opened a branch in the German Capital Berlin. This branch of the group will focus on business-to-business conferences and summit meetings. These events will give the participants an opportunity to exchange their views with the industrys leaders. The events will address issues concerning German market. This is done to make these events relevant to the German participants.

Important people in the field of research will discuss interesting business topics with participants. These discussions will help the participants gain a new insight. Therefore they are both up to date and prepared for the future. The participants can engage in personal conversation during which they can have their individual business concerns addressed. They will be conversing with decision makers and managers from various sectors of the industry. The instructors of these events are both leaders and recognized personalities in their fields.

Marcus Evans organizes events in e-business / internet strategy, information technology, general business strategy, banking and finance, telecommunications, human resources, and energy.

These B2B conferences are designed to meet the participants complex needs. The participants can converse with experts and in the process take part in educational debates. They can also converse with sponsors, speakers and event delegates. These events offer the participants a platform that they can use to gain through knowledge about strategic businesses. Since the number of participants is low, the synergy level will be high. The participants can engage in one-to-one conversations if required so that they can have their individual concerns addressed.

These events provide both board members and industrial key figures with a unique opportunity both foster information exchange and develop business strategies. The business relationships formed during these events are sustainable.

Marcus Evans holds these events in venues which provide pleasant ambience. These include Le Montreux Palace and the Grand Hotel located in Switzerland and Monte Carlo respectively. At these events participants can attend presentations, workshops and interactive seminars. BOLA TANGKAS