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I recently learned that Beijing, Shijiazhuang and other northern cities have a few different levels of emergence Master Kong Tea Out of stock and “Duijiang difficult” situation, for Marketing Planning of human sensitivity and Master Kong Drinks Favorite author in this chat a few.

2009 Master Kong “and then a bottle” activity profile

Purchase of Master Kong tea drinks [iced tea, green tea, Jasmine tea , Honey jasmine tea, jasmine tea, ice tea, fresh cold barley tea (low sugar / sugar free)] 490ML/500ML/550ML’s “come a bottle of” promotional products installed, open the lid, such as see the cap inscribed within “Another bottle of” character, you can with the cap, the same exchange in the designated place a bottle of the same product specifications (taste not limited); activities as of the date August 31, 2009; winning rate of 17%.

The event was very obvious, strong brand Master Kong Master Kong influence with good quality green tea, black tea combined with such a high winning rate will be the public’s “mouth” are attracting over, let rivals “feel powerless and frustrated” no way.

5 months late, however, Master Kong tea supply tight, but more and more serious, now even the consumers, “a hard to find tea,” “a hard cap against the” no tea to sell retail, wholesale No holding thousands of business to cover only against the situation. Because the products are sold out of stock or because production capacity led to lack of practical truth about what? With these questions the author from the market level for the distributors, wholesalers, retailers, consumers try to Discovery Master Kong tea out of stock and the lid against the hard truth of the incident, following speculation that this incident will all be summarized as follows:

Guess a company to complete production tasks, to Production Line Maintenance, resulting in shortage of supply.

Guess two companies to Prices Manufacturers and channels to increase profits, subjective control of goods.

Guess three, ready to lower winning rate, subjective control of goods.

Guess the company in the station’s height than normal, to achieve a strategic goal or market effect.

Guess analysis: On a conjecture, even if the company completed the production task, and can not look at the profits of the market slip away, as the strength of a beverage enterprises also can not choose the best season for drinks maintenance shutdown, years of painstaking home cultured from the expense of brands and products.

On conjecture 2, Master Kong drinks for the summer for the recent price-related inquiries, the Special Master Kong Holdings Ltd. issued a statement: Master Kong consumer beverage products are loved, Sell Well, there is no price increase plan.

On conjecture 3, Master said in a statement on this question: Master Kong has consistently adhered to provide consumers with safe, convenient, and affordable products, in line with the original intention of the best feedback of consumers, continuing to set prices and “have another bottles of “high winning rate, continue to meet consumer demand.

On conjecture 4, for the present, individual regions of the winning drink bottle exchange difficult problem, Master responded that the market will be active to understand the real situation, the next step would be to take some standardized measures. In view of this strategic suspected of seeking market effects are also reduced.

Consecutive years if similar incidents occur is not seeking Master Kong subjective strategic market effects, then Master Kong really in the marketing and supply levels should be improved in order to see out of stock and convertible Shijiazhuang difficult case brought Results:

A consumer is very sad, loyal consumers to buy a bottle of Master Kong tea ran their legs off, a prize Duijiang either not available or when the run into a wall, can be said to spend heartbroken.

Second, retailers and Lengyin Tan is to worry, on the one hand the consumer needs to buy a lot every day, while looking for the free supply, looking at trading away from the door; then one day, have gone against the cap not be extinguished, no tea may suffer against, regular customers can take to deal with other brands of drinks first look, but no one to deliver pre-bunch closure, really annoying!

Three wholesalers are lit, to goods, Duijiang’s “like a day with lean”, anxious on the fire that can not find the “tea” – “the city without tea!”

If long-term unmet needs of consumers, which will greatly discounted Master Kong’s reputation and brand, and market share will gradually be rivals to seize. Master Kong action is recommended to “fast”, do not let us have more conjecture:

A rapid organize an adequate supply and timely complement to the market line. No products on the market that other useless, consumers will not wait until next summer and then tea.

Two quickly find out the real problem, prescribe the right remedy can only dig up the roots.

3 coordinate the interests of all parties, good service against the cap.

The author as a Master Kong Ice Tea loyal consumers really want to drink again as soon as possible “she”, which is 2009 on the “Master Kong’s guess.”

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