Masterbatch Businesses Face Major Challenges This Year,

At present, many masterbatch business orders reducing production costs. Fluctuating raw material prices, gradually shrinking the downstream market, and increasingly stringent export laws and regulations, are masterbatch businesses face major challenges this year.

To this end, masterbatch business while actively seeking policy support, plant varieties while promoting joint ventures, and increase skills.

Earlier this year, masterbatch high raw material prices, increasing production costs of enterprises. Right now, under the impact of international oil prices, resin prices down as well, masterbatch manufacturers is supposed to smile. However, the survey found,

Entrepreneurs face gloom has not dispersed, but piled up thicker. Linzi District, Zibo City, Shandong TIAN Guan Plastic Factory director Wang Fengjun said: “The resin prices fall so that we too late to adjust the way a lot of material in transport in continuous devaluation, etc. sent to companies after the price in accordance with the original production, is clearly at a loss, In order to reduce losses, the purchase can only be to minimize the amount of time to reduce inventory. “

This year, as a masterbatch of the downstream industries, plastics processing industry signs of weakness in upstream transmission has initially appear. Dongguan Humen gold color paint factory, general manager of Sun Xia, told reporters last year or two is expected, the masterbatch enterprises will face shrinking market test. Meanwhile, the export tax rebate policy adjustment has to make the export of the road color masterbatch companies were difficult. It is understood that masterbatch products are not separate tariff lines, the general use of pigments and their products as the basic constituents of the export tariff lines, while the countries in the last year, July 1 of this series of products has been the export tax rebate rate reduces to zero, no doubt an increase of masterbatch production costs.

As noted in introduction, masterbatch mainly polymers as a carrier resin, and fill in the appropriate pigment dispersants and add a plastic semi-finished products, masterbatch processing belong to the scope of plastics processing, composition and shape of plastic compounds, with similar Therefore, the export customs codes should be used when the plastic products category tariff lines are more reasonable. In addition, the pigment is a high energy consumption and high pollution products, the future is likely to be strict taxation policy, “card” of the object, while the masterbatch is environmentally friendly energy-saving plastic semi-finished products, should not be “involved.” Masterbatch special committee before the authorities had to submit a new Customs Code of the application, but export volumes were too small because of masterbatch is not approved, this year’s special committee Youxiang Ministry of Finance and Administration of Customs filed a complaint. Although the special committee has been proven through the successful issuance of export enterprises to help reduce losses, but Qiao Hui said the issue needed to completely solve the country’s policy support.

In addition, with the RoHS, REACH and other regulations in the implementation of China’s masterbatch business in the plastic products export process has been more stringent constraints. Now the EU REACH regulation has already begun pre-registration is currently part of the masterbatch of raw materials

Enterprises have already completed the pre-registration. Some masterbatch company, said the situation will be carried out in accordance with their pre-registration or related work. BOLA TANGKAS