Masterbuilt Electric Smokehouse

There are 3 types of smoking methods which are hot smoking, smoke-roasting and cold-smoking. Under the hot smoking method, the food will be exposed to the hot smoke and heat under the controlled environment. The hot smoking foods can be safe eats without further cooking on it. As thee temperature of hot smoking is normally range from 74 Celsius degree to 85 Celsius degree where foods are fully cooked. The smoke-roasting can be referred as barbecuing where you can done by placing a pan filled with charcoal or hardwood chips on floor of oven. Thus, there is smoke bath produced. The cold-smoking used for the enhancing of flavoring such as steaks, chicken breasts, salmon and so on. The purpose of cold-smoking is to add flavor for further cooking process.

Nowadays, there are so many types of smokehouse smokers available in the market, including wood, charcoal, gas or electric. The traditional type of the fuel such as wood and charcoal would be troublesome for you where you need to do a lot of things. For example, keeping an eye to adjust the heat or temperature all the time. Therefore, to be easier for cooking, you should choose the electric smokehouse.

Masterbuilt electric smokehouse is the electric smoker where making your cooking easy and simple. The Masterbuilt electric smokehouse smoker is using thermostat to control the temperature where you are not going to worry about the heat of the smoker. The air damper will help in regulating the air flow where ensure the meat would not become dried. It helps to keep the moisture with the beads built on the walls and window throughout the entire cooking process. The 4 smoking racks would let you smoke a lot of meats at a time which achieves the economic of scale where lowering the cost per unit. The side loading tray makes it easy in to add wood to add flavor your food. The digital timer of the Masterbuilt smoker allows you to set timer for machine up to 24 hour cooking.

Well, the drawback of the Masterbuilt electric smokehouse is the maximum temperature only reaches to 275 where would be limitation for food selection. Besides, there is some users claim that the LED display is poor where you can not see it clearly in the daylight. Furthermore, there is no extra or additional smoke box to let you do the cold smoking to add flavor on sausage and so on.

Overall, the Masterbuilt electric smokehouser is great where is economically for you. Moreover, with a good reputation of Masterbuilt in worldwide for outdoor cooking, the quality of the smoker is ensured and guaranteed. The superior of customer support provided by Masterbuilt would be the attractive point to you in order to have one. BOLA TANGKAS