Maternity Bridesmaid Dress – Don’t Let This Moment Go

In life, every person has its own role to do. It can be permanent, and it can be temporary. There will be a time you have to play the role that another people play today. Maybe next month your best friend will get married. As a best friend, she asks you to be her bridesmaid. Yes, of course there will be no problem, since she was the one that on your side when you got married last year; she was your bridesmaid. There will not be a problem for you to be your best friend’s bridesmaid, unless… you are pregnant! How can a pregnant woman be a bridesmaid? How can even she think about it?

Actually, there is no rule who will be someone’s bridesmaid. Everybody can be a bridesmaid as long as she is being asked by the bride herself. Yet, the problem does not lie on the “who” you are, and “how” your condition is. The hassle thing is about the dress that you are going to wear as the bridesmaid. As a pregnant woman, who has maybe a bigger size of belly and stomach compare with the normal bridesmaid, you need a special dress which can be comfortable for you and make you look pretty even if you are having a greater size of body. This thing is rare to happen. Yet, now, the world class designer has found a way to overcome such problem by designing maternity bridesmaid dresses.

What is so special about these dresses by the way? Well, actually, the concept is nearly the same with the common bridesmaid dresses. The bridesmaid’s dress is usually designed in the harmony with the bride’s dress. There will be the same concept of color and design between the two kinds of dress so that the appearance will not look so contrast. Of course, the first special thing about maternity bridesmaid dresses is about the size. Pregnant woman has a huge size of belly and stomach, everybody knows that; and that’s why this kind of dress is designed all with plus size. The size of a woman’s pregnancy is specific, so it is better if the dress is sewed after the exact measurement of the related size.

The next thing to be considered is the material of the cloth used to make the dress. Pregnant woman needs comfortable material as her clothes to make her easy to move and does not get any problem with her breath and pregnancy condition. That is why the material should be light, strong, but warm enough so that it can overcome the pressure that will hamper the woman when she is standing beside the bride.

Who says that a huge woman cannot wear a bridesmaid dress beautifully? With current design of maternity bridesmaid dresses, not only the pregnant woman but also the woman in XL size can be pretty and become a star of bridesmaid. Do not let your size and your pregnancy let your best friend’s down. Be confidence with beautiful design of maternity bridesmaid dress, and record an unforgettable moment to be a bridesmaid when you are pregnant. BOLA TANGKAS