Mattresses that Go with Baby Cribs: How to Know

It is easy to purchase a baby crib mattress without giving much thought to the process and this is a mistake. The baby crib mattress is an integral part of a nursery and crucial to the baby’s comfortableness. In other words, lots of thought should be given before buying a mattress. A baby crib goes with the mattress and finding the right pair can be pretty simple and straightforward, but only if you know what to look for. Here are a few guidelines to buying the right mattresses for the baby crib.

1. Several baby cribs can be purchased with their matching mattress. This is the easiest way to buy the correct mattress. The mattress is already fitted for the crib and since they come jointly, the shopping can be done at once.

2. If a mattress doesn’t come with the crib, then check to see what other parents are using by reading some online reviews. Because there are so many baby crib mattresses out on the market, and dissimilar types, it is important to read reviews and get to know what is being said by those who have tried the different types of mattresses. This is important to help in devising an informed decision.

3. Make sure to measure the crib and select a mattress that’s the same dimensions. If you don’t measure correctly you could end up with a mattress that’s either too big or too small for the baby crib. Even though in recent times, most cribs and mattresses are made in standard sizes, it is still a good idea to cross-check. Make sure that there’s absolutely no gap between the mattress and the crib’s frame.

4. It’s a great idea to read up on any mattresses before you buy them, so search for a mattress guide before you make that purchase. The mattress under consideration for purchase should come with a guide. If it does and you can get your hands on the guide, read it soundly and be sure that any concerns or questions you have are answered before you decide to go ahead and buy the mattress. Get in touch with the manufacturers if the guide does not meet your concerns.

5. Research each mattress and what is best for baby before acquiring one. There are different types of mattresses in the market; from foam to innerspring mattresses. It is important to research and find out which is best for baby.

Regardless of the kind of mattress you eventually decide to buy, take care to make sure the mattress is firm and not soft or drooping. This is because a soft or sagging mattress is dangerous to the baby and can cause suffocation.