Mayan Calendar Facts, Insights, and Possibilities

A lot of the media are saying that the Mayan Calendar predicts December 21, 2012 as the “end of the world.” For those of you who are already in the know about the history of this ancient timetable, this is utter nonsense. But as we delve deeper into some of the facts and theories surrounding this date, we begin to understand the thinking behind such doomsday predictions.

The Mesoamerican Long Count calendar started 3114 BC with an end-date of December 21 or 23, 2012, spanning a time of 5125.36 years. On this date, the Long Count calendar will reach, with 13 units being a 144,000-day cycle. Does this date signify the end of civilization and a resetting of the calendar, or can it even continue beyond this time?

Some Mayan civilization experts argue that there’s evidence the calendar continues beyond this date, extending even to, with this particular calendar setting shown on one ancient Mayan inscription. According to their mythology, this specific time period signified the previous world’s age upon ending.

Some authors and researchers of the Mayan civilization have fueled the belief in the current cycle ending in cataclysm. Accordingly, the Ancient Mayans believed that humanity experiences five cycles (we are nearing the end of the fifth cycle), and that the last four ended in major upheavals. An interpreted excerpt from one of their ancient texts, the Dresden Codex, points to a great flood occurring at the end of current cycle.

Among New-Age followers, December 2012 also indicates a time when our sun will align with the center of the galaxy, and because of this, will herald a period of higher consciousness and evolutionary change. This galactic event happens every 26,000 years.

At this moment of alignment, the galactic mass will be at its greatest, causing gravitational effects, which in turn will cause gravitational disturbances within our sun and consequently greatly influence solar activity.

What will purportedly add to the powerful effect of this alignment is the fact that when Jupiter and Saturn – the solar system’s most massive planets – are on opposite sides of the sun, the solar maximums are at their strongest. And – guess what – at the time of the winter solstice in 2012 these planets will be in such position to influence powerful solar activity.

So this “perfect storm” of a galactic alignment and heightened solar maximum occurring at the same time leads many to believe something big has to happen. Like cataclysm.

This is how it’s explained: the alignment and massive solar flares will spark major global disasters, first started by the impact of powerful solar radiation on the Earth, affecting its polarity. When this shift in polarity happens, the ocean currents could reverse, creating flooding of land masses and sparking volcanic activity. This chain reaction will bring about more climate change.

Or, at the least, this barrage of solar radiation charging the Earth’s ionosphere could cause major interruptions of our electric and communication systems. This shutting down of our systems will affect our ability to generate and distribute fresh water and produce fresh food, among other dire scenarios.

But this galactic alignment is actually a gradual process and shift that takes place over a 36-year period, and that this convergence which corresponds to the diameter of the sun has already taken place in 1998. It’s not as if for one day out of this 36-year cycle we will abruptly feel any devastating effects of this occurrence.

According to more metaphysical theories, it’s believed this cosmic shift is already happening as a spiritual inclination toward incidence of more mystical phenomena and increased awareness of how we ultimately control the direction of humanity and the manifestation of our own reality through intent.

The Mayan Calendar “end date” in 2012 is believed by some to be a turning point of our evolution. I absolutely believe in the effects of the sun on our consciousness and accept that there isn’t just one date that will affect us, but that we’re seeing a new cycle of cosmic influences that produces shifts in perception, awareness, and growth. This concern for 12/21/12 is simply a means to help us see beyond our mundane existence and perhaps make us pay attention to the whisper of the possibility of something greater shaping our destiny. If nothing else, the overly dire and calamitous predictions will plant a seed from which possibly a new type of consciousness can grow.

And this new consciousness can portend that something significant and transforming could occur; and when group-mind beliefs are changed, we could very well shift our own course without the need for catastrophes, so we shall see. It’s now 1,100+ days and counting…