McDonald And Michelle Wie

Not a coincidence worth a coincidence, the world famous fast food McDonald  and the world famous golf player Michelle Wie are beginning with the letter M, so the cooperation of the two can be the best. McDonald’s sponsorship contract with Michelle Wie is confirmed now, and then the sky is the size of the M phase mirrors slogan.

Michelle Wie was pleased with glee after the Solheim Cup from the never stopped, and she’s happiness seemed causing a threat for the other golf players that is comprehensive. And Mexico in that race after the threat has been promoted really fast Wie became the first choice for sponsors.

after Michelle Wie signed Hana Bank a month later, she again made McDonald’s sign, which is McDonald’s the first time that an olive branch toward female athletes, although it also brought over LPGA events, Wie lucky enough to be a Norman after the McDonald’s of the Group of two sponsored players.

“There is a very large Asian market behind Michelle Wie and her golf clubs for sale, and her audience for the side effects, especially the audience of women is immeasurable.” McDonald’s marketing director, John – Liwei Ke said. She also strengthened the “measure” of the word. Michelle Wie as early as in their own FACEBOOK on to people candidly reveals their in March 21 action, “I have very exciting news to share with you, dear friends, on this morning, I first secrecy, and then … ..”

This so-called new relationship will be announced on the golf course, Wie will celebrate the good news with her new partner McDonald, at the same time the advertising of Michelle Wie will be seen through the five languages in the Asian regional, including Chinese, English, and Chinese. The language of advertising is the most important Asian market-based.

It appears that Michelle Wie had to take a drink bearing the McDonald’s LOGO in the game at the next game in the Hana Bank, and. We will see a copy of that time with two M’s real plans.


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