McTaggart and the Environment

McTaggart’s vision, energy, commitment, lobbying and his symbolic acts should continue to inspire for the environmental cause. McTaggart was tenacious. He fought for his dreams. He had a personal vision to save the planet and had the charisma to inspire others to task. He was brilliant, and had extraordinary ability to anticipate problems before they occur. He tirelessly made effort to expand knowledge on environment. He inspired others to love and care for the planet. He made many people to realize that they can see a problem and act on it. He was energetic and had extraordinary ability to be focused and follow up his mission. Nothing about qualities of an environmentalist missed in the life of McTaggart. Though McTaggart died in auto accident on March 23, 2001, having lived between the1932 and 2001, his vision, energy and commitment live on. He will inspire and fire environmental activities by individuals, groups and nations for many years.

McTaggart is credited for changing the face of world politics by bringing environmentalism to the center stage. One would not miss to identify his contribution to Basel Convention and Kyoto Protocol. He left the world talking about environment. And though some of the countries or business groups would want to snatch environmental agenda from intergovernmental organ of the UN to advance their interest, many countries still see something noble in the UN, because it is more inclusive and its proposals, besides STEP e-waste program which seem to raise eyebrows from some quarters, is sincere and transparent.

In countries where business community has teamed up with their governments against some UN environmental clauses, most of the consumers in those countries believe business needs to clean up, and that they is an increasing environmentalism in making purchases. They would want to see companies come up with environmentally-friendly alternative products and packaging. Consumer effects and contribution towards environment is being felt around the world, thanks to Greenpeace, which McTaggart was a founder and active membe,r and other environmental lobby groups. Some companies in the first world are observing cleaner production policies and are having a competitive advantage over others.

By 1993, several western countries had become environmentally conscious. Dutch, the Germans, and the Danes were among, and still are among the most environmentally conscious. Other countries like Italy, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, have since followed suit. Environmental activism in which McTaggart was much visible continues to impact international communities’ perspectives. Thomas S. Bateman and Carl P. Zeithaml of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in their book, Management, Function and Strategy published in 1993 by IRWIN, graphically capture international perspectives on environment which still hold true as we approach the end of the first decade of the twenty first century. According to them and many other observers in the recent times, the European community has embarked on a series of environmental actions plan that would want to see industrialized countries reduce greenhouses emission by half by 2050. They have shown how EC activism has affected Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola companies which see in Europe a huge growth market.

Though some Europeans countries till rely almost exclusively on Aluminum cans and plastic bottles which are less expensive, lighter and more transportable than glass bottles because of environmental actionist those countries will likely be forced to think otherwise. Some European countries have completely ban use of cans and plastics bottles while some have considered a quota system to limit their use. Europe is much ahead in environmental protection. According to the European court of justice, European countries have the right to block free trade if they do so for environmental reasons. Environmental movement is now a worldwide phenomenon, thanks to environmental lovers from different generations of which McTaggart forever stand as a monument for the environmental cause.