MDTV Program Features Nashville Dentist Explaining His Advanced, Comprehensive Approach To Dentistry

Nashville, TN – Local dentist, Kent E. White, DDS, was recently featured on MDTV. The show gave him the ability to provide insight into the dilemmas with presenting dental treatment today, and how to prepare his own patients for treatment plan presentation.

“When seen by dentists in the past, patients have been told that things were fine, because they based diagnosis on the presence or absence of pain,” Dr. White said. “That troubles me, because usually that means the tooth is already in the process of ‘dying’ and it means we missed the opportunity to work on this tooth years ago.”

Dr. Kent White explains in the MDTV program that he prefers stopping tooth degeneration before it becomes painful, and before lasting harm can set in.

“Catch things before they hurt; that’s really the philosophy that we use here,” said Dr. White.

Trained in advanced preventive, restorative, and aesthetic dentistry, Dr. White’s practice in Nashville offers a comprehensive array of services, from the purely cosmetic to the critically restorative. What interests Dr. White the most, perhaps, is the idea of giving his patients the best of both worlds-a healthy and beautiful smile that not only prevents pain and decay, but also gives his patients confidence in their smile.

“We’re able to save most of our teeth with inlays or onlays,” said Dr. White. “We basically restore the tooth back to its original health, strength, and beauty in the most conservative manner possible. That is the kind of dentistry that I think we should be moving forward with.”

Aside from many dentists basing diagnoses on the presence of pain, Dr. White sees a real challenge in teeth that continue to decay behind or under a metal filling.

“There’s not a day that goes by that we don’t see a tooth that has a real large silver (mercury) filling that has split a tooth or has broken a part of a tooth,” Dr. White said. “A big epidemic that we face is that we can’t x-ray through them. These large metal fillings are outlasting our teeth.”

Further, Dr. White noted how training and continuing education can vary greatly from dentist to dentist. “Currently there are only 3-7% of dentists that go on to do clinical training or residency or a fellowship after dental school,” is one example Dr. White cites.

While Dr. White treats each patient’s mouth for health first and beauty second, he knows that many of his happiest patients chose to take a comprehensive approach. And doing so takes less time than patients expect, leaving them pleasantly surprised for the long term.

“Ideally we always want to treat the disease first and foremost, and most of the time when you’re having comprehensive care done here, you’re getting it all done at once.”

Dr. White’s reason for appearing on the program, distilled to its essence, was to spread the word to patients: look for a dentist who doesn’t wait until you experience pain to treat your teeth.

“The primary purpose was to get the message out of alternative and contemporary methods to help alleviate periodontal disease and tooth deterioration. Make the public aware of just how catastrophic some of our issues are in dentistry right now. Give the public a view of what alternatives there are.”

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