Meals for Youngsters: Straightforward Chicken Katsu with Yasai Itame Recipe

If you are worried that your youngsters may not be getting the appropriate nutrition from those shop-brought chicken nuggets, hotdogs, mac ‘n’ cheese, cereals, and oats, you can try other recipes that will be inviting to a child’s picky palate. Placing in a bit of veggies into their meals will create a balanced meal good for your child’s wellness.

Chicken Katsu is a Japanese style fried chicken that is fantastic with rice and some veggies on the side. Many kids get pleasure from this certain dish because it is easy to eat like chicken nuggets or fillet. Right here is an simple recipe for Chicken Katsu with Yasai Itame or stir-fried vegetables that will be different however healthier and scrumptious for your kids.

– 4 pieces or 5 lbs. of skinless chicken breast fillet
– garlic powder
– flour
– two eggs
– Japanese breadcrumbs
– oil for frying
– salt and pepper

For the Yasai Itame:
1 sliced medium onion
1 red bell pepper reduce into strips
100 grams beansprouts
500 grams Julienned carrots
1 tbsp soy sauce or Worcestershire sauce
salt and pepper to taste
two tablespoons oil

Cooking Directions:

1. For the Chicken:
– Lightly pound the chicken breast fillet with a mallet to flatten. Cover the chicken with a plastic wrap even though you pound the chicken. Flatten to about 4 x three inches.
– Season the chicken on each sides with garlic powder, salt and pepper.
– Beat two eggs in a bowl. Prepare the flour in a separate container. Prepare breadcrumbs in a separate container as properly.
– Employing a kitchen thong, coat every single piece of flattened chicken with flour, dip in eggs, and coat once more with breadcrumbs. Make sure that the chicken is fully coated with the breadcrumbs.
– In a frying pan, heat oil and fry each piece of chicken in medium heat till golden brown.

two. For the Yasai Itame:
– In a separate pan, heat two tablespoons of oil. Combine all ingredients and stir-fry till components are soft and tender. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Finishing Touches: Employing a knife, cut the chicken into strips. Serve with steaming hot rice, Yasai Itame, and add store-brought Tonkatsu Sauce or ketchup for some flavoring.

If you favor other meat like pork or beef, you can basically replace the chicken with the meat of your decision and comply with the very same steps. Fish is also a healthier decision.

This recipe will only take a couple of minutes of your time and will be even much more enjoyable when you include your youngsters in the preparation. They can help in coating the chicken, setting the table, and mixing some orange juice, iced tea or lemonade that will go nicely with this meal. As straightforward as it is to prepare store-brought chicken nuggets, hotdogs, and microwaveable meals, they do not usually supply the very good nutrition that you kid demands. Investing in their overall health and increasing your presence by cooking a unique meal for them will be worthwhile for you and your family.