Medical Scooters Savings Tips for Power Chair Discounts

The power wheelchair market offers medical scooters for those in need of improved mobility. Slow outdated wheelchairs don’t give individuals the kind of freedom of mobility they want. Medical scooters are more expensive than some other power chairs, but they offer a lot more features and benefits.

Medical scooters are available with two different types of motors. There are electric or gasoline powered ones.

Electric Scooters

By far the most often seen is the electric scooter. People like the convenience of charging it while it’s not in use and not worrying with the maintenance of a fuel run motor. The costs associated with an electric charge are hardly noticeable as compared to the expense of gasoline and there are also no fumes involved.

Gas Powered Medical Scooters

For situations when a person is away from electrical power, the gasoline motor is more dependable. A gasoline powered motor will operate at a constant speed as long as there is gas in the tank. As the battery charge in an electric motor drains,the scooter will slow down and the power will fade.

FD – Front-wheel Drive

For moderate duty and basic use inside buildings, the FD type may be suitable for some people. These medical scooters are limited in that they can usually only carry up to 250 pounds, which may not be suitable for some individuals. Young or small individuals might get great use from the front-wheel drive scooters.

RD – Rear-wheel Drive

The rear drive scooters use larger mechanisms and can carry up to 350 pounds on the standard models. However, heavy-duty models are available that will carry 500 pound passengers. These are constructed for indoor or outdoor use and can travel long distances. They are generally faster than front drive scooters. A medical brace might need to be worn if faster speeds are used.

Choosing the Right Wheels

When you have all the information necessary, you should compare features and the desired application needed for a scooter. Making the right decision on a power scooter is important the first time around because of the cost involved and the fact that they last for many years. Be sure to get the opinion of the person who will use the scooter before you buy anything.

Making the Scooter Affordable

If you have a discount medical card, you can save on the purchase of your scooter. This type of savings often makes power chairs attainable for those who might otherwise be unable to afford them. You may also have many other items such as a medical brace or essential medical supplies that you need. The discount card usually provides benefits for those items as well.

A discount medical card prevents you from paying more than necessary for many of the medical products you buy. When shopping for medical scooters, make sure to get all the savings possible. Also check the warranty provided with the chair, what is covered under the warranty plan, and where service is performed if needed.