Meditation For Peace and Happiness

If you don’t meditate, I recommend you start the practice. Many very successful people meditate before making very important business decisions. People who meditate will do so before making important life decisions to get clarity in their answers for they know their responses come from their Higher Self. 

If you never meditated before, or you think it’s something hard to do, follow my recommendation. Start with two to three minutes a day and expand it to five. Just be in the silence – no radio playing. You don’t need a special meditation room. You don’t need special tapes playing, special music. You don’t need a meditation chair or pillow. Just go some place and get comfortable.

People tell you never lie down when you’re meditating, that your spine has to be erect and straight, and your shoulders and your head and your whole body have to line up. You know what? I’ve been meditating lying down for years and I get very, very clear messages and solutions when I meditate.

And you know you might fall asleep when you’re meditating. When that happens what does that mean? Well, it can mean one of two things: one, your Little Voice has gotten to you and taken you out–so you miss any messages that come from your Higher Self. Or, it might just mean you’re tired. Or, it might be a way for you to go some place else to find your answers.

So, if you want to lie down when you take that time to go into the silence within, it’s okay. Don’t let anybody tell you how to meditate or for how long, or how often. But do make it a practice in your everyday existence because you’ll notice not only will you get answers, you’ll feel better. It will give you a surge of energy. It will revitalize you. And you won’t need to feel better because you took some kind of drug or a caffeine beverage or food. You’ll just feel better.