Melamine Is The Power Behind The Secondary Is Not As Evil

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National Food Safety rectification office will be held on January 30, the National Food Safety and consolidation of office, Health Minister Chen Zhu said in rectifying High pressure Situation, there are still individual enterprises and individuals to buy people’s lives and safety and health of neglect, greed, committed crimes against the wind. Since 2009, some local investigation of the Shanghai panda condensed milk, milk powder Jinqiao Shaanxi, Shandong, “Green Purcell” pure milk, Liaoning, “Continental Grand popsicles” ice cream, Hebei “banana fruit popsicle” and many cases of excessive melamine from dairy products. These cases were not used in the 2008 issue of destruction of milk as raw material, production and dairy products, nature is very bad. (Newspaper yesterday version 2)

Looked “thorough investigation and determined the issue in 2008 destroyed milk,” Li Jun disclosed mood, one can imagine Thunder functional determination to combat the problem, but when touched, “the 2008 problem milk powder” message, then people can not help but smell out the meaning of black humor, Age Exchange, the time scale has been pointing to 2010, but 2008 still linger of milk powder, milk powder which is a problem too tricky or too incompetent relevant departments? There is a constant dull pain

Tongjiao, there is a scar is not well known injury Adds a new injury. Melamine Teng jumped back again no doubt burning the hearts of mankind, maybe everyone can not forget that melamine has been discovered in 2008 event, which endanger the tragic loss of a serious, learned of the profound sense of heavy equipment are all people. However, the things appalled between people are copied in the tragedy.

We all know, “Food safety recall provision” clearly stipulates: “the food should be destroyed, should be destroyed in time”; 32nd stipulates: “above the level of food quality supervision department of the recall supervision of post-treatment process. ” See regulations for the recall of food handling, how to ensure that treatment implementation in place, and gave a clear view. I ask the question in 2008 destruction of milk why not now?

Will look back to the scene, October 14, 2008, the State Administration for Industry and other nine innings (the Department) issued the “refunds on dairy products and recall failed to destroy the issue of emergency notification “, requiring industry and commerce, quality inspection, commerce, industry executives, finance, public security, Environmental protection , Health, food and drug supervision and management departments collaborate to develop a practical program of work, strict supervision and inspection of producers, Sell Who do substandard dairy products, refunds and recalls, destruction and so on. Clearly, notice is good, but just a paper gain only, but useless, to paper without implementation.

Articles to be abandoned, notice into the paper, the problem is where? As the industry claimed, “It shows the melamine incident in 2008 after a large number of circulation in the market for the products in question on the monitor still blank.” Government departments for a number of production and the terminal was in the middle of the field between milk powder and does not give sufficient control, including the issue of products from the company after the sale, who sold, and no real follow-up. Perhaps because of regulatory gaps, and implement follow-up blank blank, since Shanghai was a direct result of the panda condensed milk, milk powder Shaanxi Jinqiao excessive melamine in dairy products and many other cases from occurring.

Fact tragedy sown. According to “21st Century Business Herald” reported on January 5, 2008, the melamine incident, was questioned by a local public is recycling nearly 10,000 tons of Sanlu milk powder to the destruction, destruction means, most did not fully public information. There are many users posting asked outside the Sanlu dairy company suspected of melamine, why is the recall of information heard, but not destroyed but only notice. Indeed, no one saw thunder down, saw the recall of information, no destruction of notice, not to mention the destruction site. This really is a paradox, “cups” they pretend to destroy the public know the truth, and time is the cruelest of the elderly, it let us forget exhausted in asking.

Is worth mentioning that these problems are not milk and “shelved”, but rather into the market. Recently attended the emergency meeting of food safety special rectification Vice Governor of Guangdong Lei Yulan said on February 1st, the launch 10-day special rectification of dairy and dairy products, “because in 2008 there is a group of dairy products containing melamine not be destroyed, and now some of it to flow up the market. “However, the specific number and specific flows we do not know that it is” cups. “

Child’s frail body could not help but repeated attacks of melamine, the issue of milk into the secondary market, evil, really feel then? Who is the second evil conniving melamine? Is the problem only unscrupulous companies do? Is just lost control of it? Lack of institutional design, lack of execution, a lack of basic respect for life, the tragedy must be copied again and again. In short, immortal behind melamine, silhouetted against the omission of power. Power does not die as the result of melamine.