Mellow out with Metal RC Helicopter, No Pie in the Sky

Mellow out with Metal RC Helicopter, No Pie in the Sky  

It goes without saying that nothing nothing exemplifies flying fun more than refreshing RC helicopter, especially the coolest Metal RC Helicopter
. Needless to say, great deals of guys setting great store by entertainment as well as excitement have jumped on the bandwagon for relish in the amazing Metal RC helicopter. So to speak, mellowing out with Metal RC helicopter is no pie in the sky nowadays, instead a must have pastime.
Well, I guess you guys also take a shine to the wondrous Metal RC helicopter and already set your mind on spoiling yourself and buying a perfect Metal RC helicopter. So I’d like to invite your attention to following Super Four Channels Metal RC Helicopter on the acclaimed online marketplace Topons boasting of miscellaneous marvelous and tip-top consumer electronics, Metal RC helicopter of course counted in, and all the more favorable price as well as desirable customer service. Here goes informative points about the fabulous Metal RC helicopter you had better bear in mind while going for shopping and ensuing flying fun.

Package Include:
* A Helicopter (100% Assembled)
* A remote controller
* a recharger
*an antenna
* English Instruction Manual

Fitted Age: 7+ years old
Suggested Operation Environment: 5-35℃, 20%-80% humidity

Recharging Instruction:
Recharge Method: remore controller recharge
1. Press the on/off button, when the LED light is flickering or the helicopter can’t fly, it is a signal for the recharge of the battery.
2. Turn the swtich off on the body of the helicopter and turn the switch on on the remote controller, then the red instruction light is on for the remote controller.
3. Open the power box of the remote controller, and connect the helicopter with it correctly.
4. When you’ve correctly connected with the recharging interface, the recharging instruction light is green, the light is off when you’ve got a full recharging.
5. Pay attention to the connecting direction of the plug in case of the short circuit caused by the wrong connection.

Safety Instruction:
Please operate according to the English instruction manual.
Read the instruction manual carefully before you operate it.
Put the small parts in the place where the children can’t reach it in case of the possible danger.
Keep an eye on the recharging process in case of the possible disaster caused by the overheat of the battery.
Don’t throw the li-battery into the fire.
Keep a safe distance away from the helicopter while operating it. Don’t stand close to the rotator.
Don’t change the circuit according to your own wish in case of the possible accident.

Flying Instruction:
Please choose a spacious place to fly it, make sure there is no obstacle, animal or people around.
Pay attention to the environment around and make sure it is suit to fly your helicopter in this environment.
Don’t let the Metal RC helicopter fly out of your sight.
The children should fly the Metal RC Helicopter
under the instruction and supervision of the parents.
Make sure there is nobody else who is using the same frequency in the same room.
Please avoid the RC Model Helicopter
being blown out by the air stream of the fan or air conditioner.

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