Memories in the Palm of Your Hand

A memory stick is exactly as it sounds. It has a stick shape to it, it is completely portable, and it can hold all of your memories from pictures to video to online work all in one simple space. Even better, you can take it with you when you go. The question is how much memory do you need and what type of memory stick is the best for you?

Not all memory sticks are created equal. Sure, they all have the same style, but some swivel while others attach to your keychain. The Best Value 4GB USB flash drive has a cap that swivels 360 degrees so that you will not lose it. Other flash drives have removable caps that can easily be lost. As for color, there are numerous options for you. Some drives are black and others are white. There are even some that are blue, aluminum, green, grey and every color in between.

Now, that you have the color picked out there is the matter of space. Depending on what you have on your computer and what you use it for you may want to get a flash drive that can hold quite a bit. You can use several different flash drives and some even come with places on them where you can write down exactly what is on them.

Size matters in the computer world and flash drives have every size imaginable. They are memory sticks that can hold anywhere from 2GB to 32GB. The Best Value 32GB USB memory stick is small in size, but has a large capacity. This one can be used to store just about anything from music files to digital camera pictures to whatever your computer has to offer. Just for an example, it can hold up to 1600 photos that are taken with a 5-mega pixel camera. Now that’s impressive.

On the flip side there is a 2GB Best Value flash drive that works just as well, but with smaller space abilities. This one has the swivel capability with a plug and play option so that it easily fits right into a USB port on your computer.

Flash drives or sticks are perfect for anyone that has extras on their computer. Remember, these items are great for music, work, videos, photos and anything else that you want organized and off of your internal space to save room for more data files.

External hard drives and pen drives are fast becoming important for people like students and business men and women so look into the portable hard drives that are available.