Memory From the Past Saves a Man Money on His Water and Utility Bill

Have you ever run into a memory from your childhood that appeared to come at you out of thin air? The memory has many triggers. It can be a sight, a sound, or a smell. A memory can come about based on the way lights and shadows blend. Anyone of our sensory faculty* can assist us recall an event, person or place from the past. Occasionally, we’re seeking to recollect different memories and events and other times they could just  pop into our mind.

The other day I had an profound memory of my father that left me missing him so much I hurt. The unusual thing is that the memory was activated by our new instant hot water heater. I turned on the shower and piping hot water instantly appeared. This took me back to my childhood. We had to wait for close to five minutes for the water to get hot. We had an old water heater that dad kept adjusting, rather than going out and buying a new one. He would complain that we were running too much water into the septic system. When I was able to begin my shower immediately after turning on the faucet I thought of how different this was from the long waits I had as a child. My dad would have been astonished at the instant hot water heaters that are immediately available.

While our water heater went out we resolved we wanted to find as compact a tank as imaginable so that we would have extra space in the utility room. Once we went looking for a heater the sales person assured us that the instant hot water heaters did not have tanks. This was good news for us because that would free up space in the present location.

The sales person was telling us that the contractors for condos love the instant hot water heaters because the space that the no tank system economizes extra storage areas. The instant hot water heaters vary in size and capacity. The unit is hung on a wall. The one we bought was three feet by three feet. We were able to mount it on the wall in the laundry room. With the capacity to allow for instant heated water we save on running gallons waiting for the water to get hot enough.

The sales clerk reassured us that the instant hot water heater had a great warranty. There are also techniques to adjust the temperature of the water so that a child will not get burned. The ability to set the water temperature implies that day care provider and day care centers can use them without worrying of the youngsters getting injured.


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