Men and Women Are Not Created Equal

Men and women are not created equal. Equal indicates that both halves are the same. This is not true for men and women. Any one can see that we are physiologically different. We are two halves of a whole. In the Bible God it says, “The two shall become one.” Why is that? It’s because we are only half of the puzzle. Men are the key but women are the lock. One has no function without the other. One is meaningless with out the other. Does it mean we can’t live alone? No, a key can be there and still be beautiful, as well as a lock can be. It’s meant for something else though. It is our God given design to be there for each other.

Does not being equal mean we do not deserve equal pay for the same job done? Does it mean that women cannot do the same jobs as men? No, I don’t think so I think it means that we bring to the table different things. God created men to be protectors, physically stronger then women, more of aggressors to fight for those whom are theirs. Women were designed to birth and care for children through breastfeeding and being softer and rounder for comfort. Times have changed men no longer have to physically fight for their family on daily basis and women have the ability use formula or hire someone to watch their children but, this is not what God intended in his design.

In the work force a wise businessperson would hire both male and female because they are different. Marriage is meant to bring the two halves together in holy union but in a work place we can use the design to advance us in business, using these differences. Scientist has even found that when studying the brain activity of men and women that indeed think differently. We should celebrate our differences instead of trying to be equal. I think if we asked God if he thought we were equal he would see humor in it since he created us different for a reason and he loves us the same. He has plans for each and every one of us.

I think in the work place or where ever we go on one should be looked down on or deemed less important. Equal pay, equal rise in power (when deserved best man or women should get it). We have rights! I am not equal to man I am better in my own way as a woman. I am proud to be woman.