Men’s and Women’s Leather Sandals

Sandals! Feel good and fashionable. Whether Men’s or Women’s sandals have moved from home wear to ‘respected’ shoes as more and more people- from businesspeople to hobbyists find again the joy of wearing sandals. This writing discusses a few of the advantages of sandals and how to find a wide selection of today’s most liked footwear.

Sandals’ history dates back to an extremely early date and became very popular during the Roman period at which time they were worn by soldiers and civilians alike. Men’s sandals and ladies sandals are now part of the majority of closets and this article discusses not only fashions but where to get discount prices on the popular makes.

The 1st sandals were constructed by primitive men and women to guard against sharp objects on the ground. And they would have been made with the most basic of ingredients that were at hand in those primeval times – these early sandals are a far cry from the sophisticated crafts that are made today. The major breakthrough with sandal production came with the discovery of tanning. Tanning is the treatment of leather to protect it and to make it last longer. Tanning and the art that it became is a topic for another writing, but the earliest methods were gained by rubbing the leather with specific tree bark. The trees contained tannic acid which is the source of the method of creating the leather that we know today.

The kinds of sandals accessible today has come from the history of the sandal and we can discover the Roman input in the well known Gladiator sandals as well as the native American leaning amongst the many styles available now. And with the advancement of leather shoes came the associated increase in leather for other affairs- bags and cushions to name a few. Most of the early shields used in combat were made of leather.